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  1. That was lots of fun! First time I see the photobomb pic! Shores weren't very happy;)
  2. Your blasters are amazungly detailed, can't wait to see the finished DLT... and yes, I'm definitely intersted in getting one
  3. Almost there Steven, only thing I still see is that the wires should go around the T-tracks as they were meant to keep them secured. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  4. To me everything looks spot on, nice work! Looking forward to seeing your new helmet style, I just love the high brow! Good luck!
  5. Thanks Hiroshi and Jason, thanks Gordon, looking forwards to admiring that coin
  6. Thanks Felix and the delay just made it even more exciting;) So happy right now!!! Thanks Constantin, Thomas, Benjamin and Steve! Happy to be part of this group
  7. Looks good! I think you should paint the helmet screws,6 split rivets on the side of your abdomen as well as the one on your codpiece white. They might also ask you for detail shots of your DLT. Good luck for your review!
  8. Thanks to everyone wishing me luck Legoland will be awesome also looking forward to trooping with you Benjamin!
  9. Thanks a lot guys! And I forgot to say thanks to Bigwam/Thomas, he provided me with some excellent bits of tupperware and other parts for my pack! As far as the screws that hold the trays together are concerned, I will keep them as it´s an easy way of taking things apart again, as I´m planning to upgrade a few parts on the pack, e.g. the toolbox with a more accurate brexton box, and if I can get a hold of it somewhere, I might try a cast of an original cistern. Moving the black/upper trays down a little will definitely happen as soon as I have those parts to upgrade.
  10. Forgot to add detail pics of my pack Also self-built using parts from Sandiecomms, Toschetraders, Cistern from Gordonator and lots of stuff from my local DIY store Oh yeah: the bottle is a real Gio´Style
  11. Urs Tischhauser TD 21027 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=22819&costumeID=2 Forum name: Hausi German Garrison Action shots Helmet details and flat green lenses Ammobelt with real vintage Stolla Wien and Spanish pouch Rubber handguards Original shinstrapping Rubber foam DLT 19 from RS , I have added the wire as well as the charging handle and painted and weathered the whole weapon Bapty, it´s a DD kit which I have modded and finally my pride and joy: my completely scratchbuilt T-21 Here are my buildthreads: http://501st.de/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=2582 T-21 http://501st.de/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=2507 Thanks for taking the time to check my application! Cheers
  12. Looks awesome, keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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