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  1. i use for sale signs from ace hardware, the 1/8 inch thick ones for shims, strips, and snap plates
  2. its all yours jason, i gotta put some funds away for Anaheim
  3. Heres my "good enough" pack. i havent the funds for a screen accurate one so i pretty much ziptied tupperware together and came out with this. im 5'9"ish so the cistern and mortar tube are little shorter to be proportionate to my suit. on the inside i have a storage area to hold items i get at comic-con etc. hopefully thisll inspire some other 'financially responsible' troopers you can pretty much make a good looking pack out of anything. the weathering appears a little on the heavy side due to flash. it looks more natural in real life. the complete list of parts i used (mostly scraps and things i had already) : 2 rubbermaid shoe storage, as seed trays [available at walmart for like 2 bucks each] 1 hillshire farms container, as medpack or whatever [its the standard container the deli meat comes in] 1 wet ones container [with a drink/food dome top i got from a dessert cup] 1 small cardboard tube i got from aluminum foil/plastic wrap 1 walmart 'stackers' small storage, as radio [has tabs on top n bottom to remove, see pics for more info] 1 milk cap 1 bottom of a clear plastic solo cup 2 beer bottle caps 1 20w portable amp [like a bigger aker which speaker was big and it looked good] 1 bondo container plastic top [comes on the bondo containers] 1 pvc pipe and straight connector [scrap] 4 pvc tubes and elbows for frame, bent with heatgun 1 bondo fiberglass resin container top 1 plastic clear solo cup 1 paper towel roll 2 rolls of webbing for straps 2 backpack buckles 1 gladware container 1 small funnel 1 large walmart 'stackers' container for inner "trunk" shopping storage piece of an old car air filter i had laying around [in the space near cistern for visual breakup] 2.75inch diameter cardboard tube 1 xbox/dvd case a bunch of zipties and hot glue some of the supplies prior to drilling holes and mounting pretty much imagine a montage of clips of me drilling, ziptying, hot glue gunning, exacto-knifing played to the theme from Rocky, then i realized theres all this open space i could take advantage of. more cutting then i put the trunk in this is how little its viewable. painted black cant tell its there. the lid to the radio is secure to the bottom box. with the lid on it still doesnt touch the back armor. a great use of space the amp allows for microphone talk AND aux for a mp3 player to play the radio chatter loop at the same time, as well as being rechargeable. the volume dial is extended out so i can adjust as i need in/outdoors. genius! the total weight is about 6 pounds and if i were to break something its easily replaceable and i wont feel bad
  4. i like how the weathering was applied with the belt on, since its sagging he has a "tan line"
  5. every one of my helmets has been different numbers. i do them by hand so whatever fits with the tubes and ears i just go with it. usually between 10 and 13 per side.
  6. yep, small piece of tshirt and superglue: discount fiberglassing lol
  7. i was wearing one but its a bunch of tupperware i put together in 2 days i need to make a thread on
  8. built the whole suit up in 2 weeks, just in time for the first event of the month. still need to take the heatgun to the lower chest but anywho after that there happened to be a local toy/comic show nearby and i didnt have a change of clothes so might as well show up for pics and to promote the con for next month
  9. you pretty much listed everything already. i use e6000 for the elastic/snap plates and general 2 part epoxy for the hard stuff like sniper knee and ab plate etc. dont forget acrylic paint and a sponge!
  10. bass amsterdams come in half sizes, my 10.5's were big on me, id suggest go a size down if you go that route. the tkboot 9's i have fit, but are a little too snug for me to be comfortable walking for more than a few hours
  11. 501st access Derek "Dizzy" Wilson TX-45000 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16349&costumeID=134
  12. im looking for this guy. judget2000 on deviant art but no luck searching the legion forum. he has a scout, c3po, ghostbuster, judge dredd and this TE2 sandy which attended C2E2 in it. no idea what garrison.. i just want to see his build, i just like the weathering style is all!
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