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  1. Came up with this for the stinger tail. A pill bottle cap, a vape juice cap (I cut the top off of the eye-dropper bulb to give the pen something to adhere to) and a pen. A little bondo to smooth out the rough edges, build up a more curved slope toward the antenna, a little paint, and it'll be ready to mount.
  2. Thanks, I have been digging through all kinds of pictures this week trying to figure that one out. Re: Split rivets, I am fortunate enough to be in spitting distance from a Fastenal store, what diameter? Close to the 1/8" pop rivets or a little larger?
  3. On the chest and back, is it also connected on the sides, or just the shoulders? Also, I hope everyone is having fun at Celebration Orlando this weekend!
  4. "All TDs are HWTs, but not all HWT's are TD's." Wow. Say that three times fast.
  5. Near as I can tell, my exhaust port is crooked (turns out it was just loose and needed a little tightening), but that's all I see as being out of position. What else? Im missing the stinger tail, and a laboratory pipe. What else?
  6. I see what you all mean now by how a butt joint and cover strip presents better visually than overlapped on the limbs. At first I thought the cover strip would do as the name implies either way. Might pass basic approval, but its much easier to hit those requirements while still building. Points taken, no need to rush. I do have a question, though: is the chest armor actually connected to the back armor? If so, how? Or does it just hang there? I do know kidney/posterior and ab/cod are.
  7. Yes. Overlapped and cover stripped was the plan. Thanks for the info.
  8. Oh, good. I've got some memory foam I can shear up and wrap in black canvas or vinyl. That'll be nice. Thanks for the info. I will look harder at reference photos for this pack, in the interim.
  9. Here's where I'm at on my backpack build: That's two years of sitting in a box in my workshop worth of weathering. I can't really take credit for this much of the progress, as it was assembled when I purchased my kit a couple of years ago. I will have to finish it, though. I've never read anything that requires backpack strapping to be a certain way, and I'm unsure of what to do there.
  10. Full disclosure: A couple of years ago, I came here with a TD kit, intended for my wife. Short story long, she didn't really want to do an armored costume in the first place. Fortunately for me, the trimming and cutting previously done will also fit me with a little creative shimming here and there. It sat in my workshop a while, which has been fantastic for weathering. Originally, I was wanting to tackle an R1 "Patrol Trooper", but that will wind up being an entirely new kit of armor a little bit down the road. Drove Mrs. Thingonthefloor nuts watching Rogue One this week, pausing every ten frames to exercise my TFA Luke stare at the details of the new TK armor. That's a lot of work, I thought. Some, I could do easily. Others, not so much. A few things I 86'd entirely; deigned impossible for my knowledge, skill set, and tool accompaniment. So, I decided not to mod the kit I have just yet. Instead, I'm going to be working on a fair approximation of one of the Sergeants who has the Move-Along Pack. Undecided if I'll go Bay 94 or Desert guy. Only difference is pouch configuration, and I have precisely zero pouches. Besides, at the end of the day, I think it's the spirit those mysterious teasers are trying to capture anyway. Perhaps an homage, or just a simple nod. That is a pretty rad backpack though. I really dig the antennae. I'll move on to building that later; I think it's most important that I finish the kit I started, get approved, and get to trooping. I already have a Biker Scout approved, and a TFA Luke pending, so... Yeah. I say "fair approximation of", as I'm not gonna go for SWAT on this build. Ultimately, I'm gunning for PO here, but even if I don't make that immediately I won't be upset. Side note, I am absolutely terrible at keeping a build thread updated, but I'll do my best. After four years of this, Mrs. Thing has finally picked a costume she wants to do: Jyn Erso. I'll be working on that concurrently with the ANH Sarge. On to the show. I didn't think to take before pictures, but all armor was roughly cut out. Shins and arms were all trimmed and assembled from the first go-round for Mrs. Thing. The torso/ab/kidney/posterior pieces were cut out, and trimmed for her as well. I got fortunate here, in that they fit me as well. I MAY need to shim something, but I won't really know until I get my undersuit squared away. I'd rather be lucky than good, any day. This is where I'm at after a few hours of work, spread out over the course of a week or two: And bonus picture of my helpers/work area. The light beaming through the window on my project/sewing desk, I thought was rather apropos. Questions, comments, concerns, feedback of any kind is most welcomed here. I'll continue on with backpack in the appropriate forum. Thanks for reading, see you soon.
  11. As promised. Didn't crop out the playback bar, so you can see the timestamp. This is from the bonus features, in the "Stories" section, titled "Bodhi and Saw." If you blink, you'll miss it.
  12. There is one shot of the Patrol trooper in the bonus material. He stands on a ridge looking through binoculars, and it's at a fair distance but you can identify the backpack. Nothing else, though. I will ill post a screen cap when I get home today if nobody beats me to it.
  13. Im going to start conversion on my backpack this weekend. Want me to post pics in this thread or start a new build thread?
  14. I've never been more frightened in my life than when I woke up one morning to find a camel spider on my chest. It was approximately 0300. I ran out into the Afghan desert dressed only in my skivvies and subsequently was subject to the humiliation of the E4 Mafia. I consudered heavily moving to Adelaide, Australia until I learned of large huntsman spiders. Nope. Nope. Nope. And nope.
  15. From what I saw on the FISD, and another thread around here, the visual guide called out the crystal backpack for standard stormtroopers, where the Patrol backpack is a type four sandtrooper backpack. That may not be the official logic, but it is the insight I can offer.
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