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  1. Just wondering - what rank is the gray?? I know it's not cannon - but where does it come from - the special editon 1997??? jack
  2. I'm doing good - and you my friend?? I still collect Batman - I'm in the middle of completing Robin's costume - and I still have the '69 Pontiac GTO. jack
  3. Hey Rolf, What did you use to creat the "Dot" in the lower corner of the ab box - and how did you do it?? thanks, jack
  4. Thanks for the Info Pal! I was able to locate a place that sells some - also if your interested they sell the "Flower" type split rivet aswell for the Ab armor. Here's a link: http://www.brettunsvillage.com/leather/parts/rivets.htm Jack
  5. Hey Rolf, What are those rivits called? thanks, jack
  6. Did you try saberfreak@gmail.com - he has screen accurate T-tracks. I ordered from him in the past and had no problem. jack
  7. no problem guys. jack
  8. OK - This is my TM Armor - I consider it the most ANH accurate armor. I appologies for the hand armor in the full body pictures - that is SDS - when I first recieved the armor I wanted to get some photos quick and did not take the time to attach my TM had plates to the gloves and just used the SDS gloves for those pictures. jack
  9. This first post is my old SDS armor. Here are some of the problems with it: 1)The expensive Stunt helmet - opening on the bottom was too large. Does not undercut enough 2)Gear on rear back center is even with "11" it should be lower - see photo of Sds armor rear on left TM on right 3)Strapping system for SDS is all velcro - ever time you move the velcro tears and comes undone 4) Abdomin plate - underneath the 4 in a row buttons - the slot is not present in the raised part that these buttons attach to on the abdomin plate. I added the buttons on the side of the AB plate - they were not included on SDS armor 5)arm armor - the pieces just overlap - they should meet evenly and have a piece of plastic covering the seam 6)Shoulder ribbs were not correct 7)Rear belt cylinder has a plastic clip for connection to the belt - it should have metal straps like the TM version - see comparison photos 8)Belt comes all plastic - there is an upgrade for a leather belt which is still not correct - in ANH the belt is a cloth. Also SDS does not include a Bandolier - the bandolier you see in my photos is purchased from another vendor - and attached with rivets by me - TM has a bandolier riveted to his cloth belt like ANH 9)SDS hand armor is to rounded - see photo with SDS (attached to gloves) TM in the center 10)The line above the center abdomin button box does not go all the way up - ROTJ style ANH armor - this detail line goes up almost to the top of the armor plate 11)The outside upper leg armor does not make the propper downward cuts - See Post below of my TM armor for the correct angle these are suppost to be for ANH 13)The Details in SDS armor are not very crisp - they are soft probably because it was a recast 14)On the upper leg armor - the center strip goes all the way to the bottom - in correct for ANH - it should stop before the "rimmed" lower edge - you should see the seam of the 2 peices of armor meeting. Also SDS's lower "rim" edge is flattened in the front - it should be rounded - obviously recast from overlapping ROTJ armor 15)Rear of lower and upper leggs overlap with a velcro closure - not correct for ANH Sorry for any misspellings above. In the next post I'll put my TM armor to compare. jack
  10. I've owned several sets of armor over the years - Marco Entertaiment, FX, AP, SDS, and now TM. For me - TM - Hands down the best set of ANH armor available without owning an origial set of ANH armor from the movie. It has the most screen acurate details in the sculpt and since it's an original sculpt it does not have the issues that ROTJ modified armor have like TE2, TE and Gino armor. Since my first purchase from TM of a Stormtrooper set of armor, I have purchase 2 more sets of armor, a sandtrooper and another stormtrooper set. If anyone is interested, I'm considering selling the extra set of TM Stormtrooper armor. Thanks, jack
  11. Hey Guys, I use to own SDS armor and a Stunt helmet - Both are not screen accurate! He basicly took a ROTJ set of armor and reworked it. I own TM armor now - while it's an original scuplt - it probably is the close to screen accurate in terms of the details being correct. Back in the day I took a bunch of photos for TM comparing the new armor I purchased from him to my old SDS armor - if you guys are interested I could post those photos for you to see. Jack
  12. I'm not interested in the armor I just was curious about it because I never saw it before - I actually have 2 sets of TM armor - a TD + TK. thanks, Jack
  13. Hey Guys, I haven't been around in a while - I was surfing around on Entertainment Earth and saw that they are selling a complete set of Stormtrooper armor - looks very ROTJ. Here's a link: http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo...866++++STANDARD I believe the armor is by Windlass Studios but when I checked their website the armor is not listed for sale. http://www.windlassstudios.com/default.aspx I have not interest in purchasing this armor but I was wondering if anyone has any further info on it?? thanks, Jack
  14. Hey Rolf, Just curious - why did you go from a TM in 2007 to the TE2 then back to a TM again?? Jack
  15. Nice - I can't wait until it's ready!!! jack
  16. hey Tyranus, could I get the contact info. for Russ Brown (droid maker) - who made your Mag Well Cylinders - I could not seem to find him on the board. i tried to PM you but your box was full. thanks, jack Redfox@optonline.net
  17. Does anyone own this book - Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars ??? How is it for Stormtrooper Armor Reference?? Or just reference to the original first 3 movie costumes?? Thanks, jack
  18. Got my Radio - Thank you very much - Great Job! jack
  19. Hey Rolf, If you do a 3rd run - Don't forget me - Orange pauldron - I don't care what the cost will be. Sorry I missed out on you first runs. Thanks, Jack
  20. 1970s

    Mepd Layout

    I didn't mean to be an ******* - I just thought is was easier to navigate before. I did not know that you guys combind other forums - I see why you are asking for the email at the log in - instead of the user name. This is the only Stormtrooper board I'm part of and I enjoy it quite a bit. I'm not part of any of the other prop Star Wars boards or the 501 just this board. Anytime I've checked out other boards for one reason or another - I never felt they were as good as this one. This board has alot of good - helpful people on it. Thanks, jack
  21. Guys - I hate to be a real *** and say this - but I liked the old MEPD Board layout more than this new one. I'm not a real computer savvy person but is seemed to be easier to use and I could see pictures posted in the threads before. Also - what happened to the Dancing Chewbacca's??? jack
  22. 1970s


    Ya - I'm MUCH happier with my TM Armor! jack
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