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  2. I also wanted to share another discovery I made that further supports my theory on the Fender Amp Capacitors. In a recent issue of Star Wars Insider Magazine I discovered a behind-the-scenes set photograph that shows a stack of some audio gear just out of frame during Luke’s training remote scene on the Millennium Falcon. So it's not visible onscreen in the movie, which is why this was the first time I seen it! Though being a guitarist all my life; I immediately recognized what was on top of the stack, and I can assure you that is the unmistakable sight of a Fender Amplifier with its iconic “Witch Hat” knobs. I’m certain of it. As I said this stack of audio equipment is just out of frame so it's not visible in the movie itself. But as you can see in this set photo it's definitely there! This may not be the exact model but it is likely a combo amp close to this. As you can see above; the amplifier chassis has been removed from the speaker cabinet exposing all the internal electronic components including the capacitors. So now we know for a fact the prop department & set decorators definitely had at least one Fender Amplifier they used for parts and greeblies. This means it’s possible that the part on the side of the Sandtrooper Pack could very well be a set of Capacitors taken from a vintage Fender Amplifier. You can even make out the two little resistors on the lower right of the baseplate! That pretty much does all but confirm it for me.
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