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    Nice work, Helder, congratulations!!! It looked great before, but those updated photos of the added weathering look incredible..!! Top notch!!
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    Great job Trooper Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Hello MEPD brothers and sisters, Thank you all trusting me with another year. As always, I am in this role to be of service to you and the greatest detachment in the legion! Please reach out to me if you have any thoughts, ideas, or concerns to share. There will be a couple of changes to the staff. John and Vincent are stepping down in the roles as XO and PRO. Airborne Trooper (Jason) has agreed to step in as my new XO. We had a real struggle last year with merch and Anthony has stepped in at the 11th hour and done an amazing job turning that around and dealing with MANY Legion merch struggles to finally get our 20th anniversary merch on track. Coins are up for order now and more is to follow this year. Executive Officer (XO): Jason Yap ( Airborne Trooper) TD-82573 Merchandise Officer (MBO): Anthony Paladino ( Redforce) TD-10666 Deployment Officer (DO): Thomas Herodek(bigwam) TD-30571 Deployment Officer( DO): Urs Tischhauser(Hausi) TD-21027 Deployment Officer (DO): Michael Ramirez(Scribbler) TD-6985 Deployment Officer (DO): Justus Parinussa(Dutchy) TD-1560 Financial Officer( FO): Jay Parsons(trooper1) TD-3936 Sergeant at Arms (SAA): Michael Ramirez(Scribbler) TD-6985 MEPD Liasion (ML) and Intelligence Officer: MEPD Liaison (ML) and Intelligence Officer: Kirk Folsom (Lovemonkey)TD-18542 Chief Media Officer(PRO): Quinn Brown (SandEEQuiNN) TD-91197 Public Relations Officer(PRO): TBD Systems Admin (SA): Damon Degner (Happytrooperdotcom) TD-10900 I look forward to another amazing year for the MEPD. Thank you all again. Tim (Punisha) TD-10930
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    Congratulations as well and I have a question: Where did you get the soft cheese graters? Are they silicone or similar material?
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    Late to the party, but congratulations bud. Well deserved
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