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    Hey Björn Thank you for approaching the required changes so quickly. I know that you are quite nervous about this and keen to see the next review but let me tell you that the MEPD´s SWAT program isn´t for the faint of heart as so many have experienced before you... So let´s get started with the second review… MEPD SWAT OFFICER: application review part 2 Name: Björn Dapper Legion ID#0: TD-82112 Forum Name: Doubledx Garrison: German Garrison ANH Sandtrooper selected: Alley Check Enlisted/private (black pauldron) Helmet: Green lenses: check Paint color on traps / tears: check Paint color and number of teeth: check Mic Tips: check Vocoder color: check Rank bar: check Brow: check Side Screws (ears): check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** The helmet still looks amazing and it´s sitting properly now on your head and low enough to look just like those screencaps. **Result on Helmet** CHECKED & CLEARED Armor / Suit Details: Canvas straps shoulder: check Neck Seal: check Black Undersuit: check Shoulder Bells: check Biceps: check Forearms: check Pauldron: check Chest / Back Plate: check Kidney / Butt plate: check Ab plate / Side Rivets / Cod: check Strapping: check Tighs: check Shins / Calves: check Sniper Plate: check Boots: check Gloves: check Hand plates / Guards: check Ammo Belt (waist) w/ correct angled edge: check Ammo Belt (right knee): check Canvas Belt: check Pouches: check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** Björn, you have done an amazing job on the weathering of your armor, I look at it and I can hardly tell the differences to the screencaps, bloody brilliant mate! I have to admit that that right shoulder bell still looks a little low for my liking but you are not the biggest of troopers and so I can understand it is quite difficult to achieve this desired look, so it´s good to go as it is. **Result on Armor** CHECKED & CLEARED BACKPACK Pack#2 Details: check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** Even if you might not have completely agreed on that tape on your pack´s upper box, you did a very good job emulating that screen-used look of the pack… and it certainly looks beautiful now. **Result on Pack** CHECKED & CLEARED WEAPON: Bapty E-11 Details: check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** Bapty E-11 still looks great, most iconic STAR WARS blaster of them all, full stop. **Result on Weapon** CHECKED & CLEARED So this was your second review Björn, please stand by for the staff´s/SWAT panel´s final review. This is probably the most nerve-wrecking moment for you, I feel with you mate. Cheers mate! Hausi – MEPD Deployment officer
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    That weathering looks fire!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ...the shoulder straps come in tomorrow or Tuesday, but I’m thinkin’ this one’s just about finished
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