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What is in your helmet?

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Hi all,

I am curious to see how you all have your helmets set up. What kind of fans, audio, mics, padding, etc. do you use or recommend? Any specific set-ups or products to avoid? Additional advice?

Pics are welcome!

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Nothing much. My head and hair is far to big for anything else. :P
I have some padding for my forehead from  a Team Wendy Epic air replacement liner set.
And Petzl replacement foam for a vertex helmet. Even though it is for the head band part, I adhered it to the inside of the helmet. 

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Hardhat bracket and liner
Bracket with 2 fans attached and 2 switches
Additional 2 fans for exhaust
Anker Power Supply
Wireless mic

The power supply is overkill but I can do a convention all weekend and forget to charge it and be alright. It does push on the back of my head some but otherwise, doesn’t really bother me. 

I have one of those nylon pencil holders with the see-through window and zipper with snaps on it attached to the inside of my chest plate. That holds my Aker 1503 speaker, TKTalkie, tube style power supply, and wireless mic receiver. Keeps things safe from body sweat  and contains everything nicely. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of it. 

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