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2015 Detachment Leader Elections Dirty Boy

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Hello Brothers And Sisters Of The MEPD,

Election time is upon us and id like to formally announce that I have accepted the nominations to remain as your Detachment Leader. As most of you know, I've been doing my best over the last 6 years to make this the best detachment in the legion. We have worked so hard to bring programs to life and create an environment of encouragement, integrity, respect and growth.

We are a true brotherhood that comes together every single day to display our love for Star Wars and especially the Sandtrooper characters.

Here at Mos Eisley Police Department we leave egos at the door and come together as one bad *** set of troopers!!! It's not about titles or i am better than this trooper or that trooper....it's about us and how we can make each other great.

My vision for us is to continue to be at the forefront of development within the legion....continue to set the bar for others to follow....but be nonjudgmental of those who do not. Encourage those to be the best they want to be, not what someone may expect them to be.

When it comes to development we will continue to push forward with programs like SWAT.....it all start with a simple idea that rolls off the fingertips and gains momentum through the hard work of each and every one of you.

We set the bar high with SWAT and other detachments took notice. Now there are comparable programs in other detachments also achieving greatness with their costumes.

But SWAT is not all we've done....We have the legions only financial officer....a very important role that covers your high priced purchases if needed and handles donations for our web costs. We developed the first news team bringing a monthly newsletter to you, A children's program in the works with the EXPLORERS.....the ARMORERS program set up as new way for recruits to reach out and create the best builds possible....THE MARKETPLACE that's in the works so you click on a tab and see pics with links to purchase items for your Sandtrooper build.....I could go on and on....but the bottom line is everything we do here is a work in progress....we will never settle for being ok...we will always be better than we were yesterday.....

Thank you all for the support you have given to me and the detachment. I look forward to a better tomorrow with you all by my side in this galactic battle.

I may not be the best with words but I do hope my reputation as a leader and friend speak to what I bring to the table....

Move Along My Friends, Move along....

Rick "Dirty Boy" Bates

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Did you participate in the census last Oct? You will need to update your unit affiliation with MEPD.


I casted my votes for this year. However I noticed that there was no MEPD option for me. I am TD-69690.

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Perhaps Rick can help look into this? Approve Joe's pending status at the 501st side? And maybe also any other pending requests as well?

I know there are lots of Sandtroopers out there but not affiliated with MEPD at the 501st side that's why our Legion strength for sandtrooper costume is not increasing much over the past years.

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