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  1. knopi

    Llama's TD build

    nice, congratiolations mate!!!
  2. knopi

    MEPD on Instagram

    look at knopis_creative_studio thats my ig Account. i follow you @Rostwor
  3. knopi

    Llama's TD build

    looing good! i think there is nothing to complain about. not necessary, but it would be nice to close the little gap on the left thigh with sludge. so now lets get dirty dude!
  4. there you go brother
  5. knopi

    Sleepy Llamas thigh problem

    this is much better! Keep on going!
  6. knopi

    Sleepy Llamas thigh problem

    nice result! you did a good job. i am glad for you, you fixed it!
  7. good luck Brother, you did a realy nice Job!!!
  8. awsome bro, this is all i have to das!!!
  9. i thing this thing is going to be realy awsome! is it ok to ask, how much this this beaty is? cheers
  10. Yeah, put the beer out Mate!!!
  11. wow, that is realy interresting! it seems like the north star is a little bit beter procesed as the sonix... but only at the inner side. maybee sonix bougt them out at the production end and sell the rest under a new name in a other country? or northstar went bankrupt?
  12. knopi

    MY Pack #2 build

    thank you guys, so now here is the final product
  13. go for it mate fingers crossed