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  1. for all they want to know, the STGW 44 is not the pounch we Need it is much too big! We are now at the point where we believe that this Punch is custom made. i ordered a mp40 now and will se to costumize it. here are pics of the stgw 44
  2. knopi

    The Command Staff members

    congratulation my brother's!!! time to geting my armor ready for aprooval!!! cheers
  3. knopi

    Backpack #2 research and questions

    no one?
  4. knopi

    Backpack #2 research and questions

    Anything new here? I think the same like Schrat Vader. For me it seems like the same filter box like its on pack #1. I ordered my Radio and the box from sandie coms. i will built up my stuff when its arrived, but i will built it rigt for swat. so i dont want to put on the round greblies into the "filterbox" if they are not there? and what about the 2 circles in the brexton box, should i do it? will all that be aprooveable for swat and PO? thanks and best regards knopi
  5. My Bucket is nearly done. Just Mic Tips, Lenses and the withe color on the screws are still missing
  6. MH... so i think i will use the stgw44... ther are no other pounches which will fix!
  7. No issues, all was fine! My buddy printed it for me on an ultimaker 3 plus Thanks @all others
  8. Thanks! the syphon file is out of this Forum
  9. Hi everybody, i am Chris "Knopi" from the German Garrison. I want to Show you my Pack #2 trooper built. This is the guy i want to do. My Parts: Armor and Helmet - TM Pauldron - Trooper1 Blaster - Doopydoos (Bapty WIP) Mortatube and Seedtrays - RWA Syphon - 3d print Gloves - Imperial Warfighters And this is what i've done till now:
  10. Hi mates, i am build a TD at the Moment an i have a Little question. I want to do the pack #2 trooper from the "door Party" Scene. on his left hip is a pounch and i dont think it is a mp40 pounch... I think it's a stgw 44 but without the Little pocket on it. what do you think about it or do you know it? Thanks and Keep on rocking