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  1. Sandtrooper Loop mp3 moved to here

    I love this, I have this sound loop ob my amp, totally brings my sandy to life!!

    Thanks guys! - I really appreciate the feed back and suggestions, I will have to have a play around with it - but yes, we are naked without the field pack!
  3. Sandys deployed in Central Florida

    Welcome Andrew!!
  4. Hi my fellow sandys - Not that we want to troop without the backpack ever - but... if we did, the ammo pouch which goes over the left shoulder, I attach mine to the strap of my backpack. For hospital troops using the backpack can be challenging, so What is the best way to attach the ammo pack to the shoulder without the use of the back pack? looking forward to hearing from you all, Alex Burrell PO TD 52232
  5. Sandys deployed in Central Florida

    Hi my brothers, Think we need a get together for all Sandys in central Florida, please reach out to me to make something happen - would be great to get everyone together and meet some more dirty troopers. Let me know what you all think and suggest, I am based in Clermont. Hit me up here or via FB Alex TD52232
  6. Help promote the MEPD!

    Just out with the boys looking for droids at our Christmas Parade, in Clermont Florida Enjoy guys, Alex Burrell TD52232
  7. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    About a week, thanks mate- look forward to trading cards and patch
  8. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    Appreciate it
  9. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    Thanks mate - Ill look into it!
  10. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    This is a great day - I am so proud and honored to be an official PO with the MEPD. Thank you so much for this! Alex
  11. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    Thanks mate
  12. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    Thanks mate all complete All complete
  13. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    Thank you mate
  14. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    Thanks Dude!