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  1. TD 10290 Requesting Deployment

    Only at the chest.
  2. TD 16103 Requesting Deployment

    I think the same, good job!
  3. I´m think like you. I mean, this is a STGW44 Pouch and no MP40 Pouch. The pouch looks more quadratic like the STGW44 Pouch and not rectangular like the MP40 or Stolla Pouch.
  4. TD-10276 Requesting Deployment

    Anything new?
  5. This is the neext project for my Sandtrooper Weapons Collection: A Tunisian Bapty DLT. The buttstock was made by my son (Heroma97). The front of the DLT is from a spanish garrison member. In the last days, i fitted some parts, filled them and primed the resin parts.
  6. Ah, ok No, i add no electronic to the Bapty DLT.
  7. Thanks, the weather is great! Sun & + 9 °C
  8. Thanks asher, the Rug is from the German Garrison :
  9. The silver looks brighter than in real. You can see it here .. it´s darker:
  10. Current result. Next step is washing and make it a little bit rusty.
  11. Next step, rub´n buff and paint the T-stripes back:
  12. Thanks Asher. Today, i have done some paintjobs, before Sylvester .... I stained the buttstock and peinted the whole DLT black, as a primer. After them, i have done some paint finishes with different silver shades. And now - break, i will do the rest tomorrow.
  13. Page load time

    Another problem is the reachability. Very often there are error messages. several times a day . Is there a problem with the server???
  14. TD-10276 Requesting Deployment

    Good luck, Markus!!!!
  15. Here i will show pics from my TD-Troops (most time with my Son TD-22997): First Troop: Birthday of a Boy - 20.10.2016
  16. TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    Cineplex Neu-Ulm, 17.12.2017 ...
  17. TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    Cineplex Penzing, The Last Jedi, 15.12.2017
  18. TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    Star Wars Double Feature Episode 7 & 8 - 13.12.2017 in Neu-Ulm:
  19. Striders Backpack build with found parts

    You can see it on the picture in the first post. I think this is an original UP90 and not shortened.
  20. Henselmonster Bapty Build

    Great build!!
  21. Striders Backpack build with found parts

    Strider used an UP90 for his Pack, this is shorter. Some Packs were built with an UP90 and some with an UP100. The Move Along Pack is built with an UP90.
  22. TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    Spielemesse Stuttgart, with TD-22997 & TD-21027
  23. Here some pics of my pouch collection. Some original "Stolla Wien" and Spanish pouches.