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  1. Hi Strider, Just checking in to see if there is any new word from technical support on our issues with the sand trooper patrols area. thanks again for looking in to this. Jerry
  2. Just looked and it seems I can't post in any of the threads in the sandtrooper patrol area.
  3. Thanks Strider for the quick the reply. I just found out this evening that one of my other patrol mates was not able to post on the JWR (jundland wastes rangers) Arizona thread either. It might be a problem with that particular thread being locked somehow. We can't reply to a post, quote a post or write a new post within that particular thread. Like I said, I can post everywhere else. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Guys, anybody have any idea why I'm not able to post in the Sandtrooper patrols section? I can post to a topic pretty much everywhere else. Its not letting me post to a topic in sandtrooper patrols. Very frustrating. Im trying to update our Jundland wastes rangers thread. No luck
  5. Hi guys, love the new look. I am having one issue though. Can't post in the sandtrooper patrols area. It allows me to post here and seemingly everywhere else but not there. Is anybody else having that issue or is it me?
  6. I just bought some Tupperware on eBay to upgrade my radar dish. I can say now that I'm definitely in the "smaller lid" camp. The (roughly) 4" lid is the one that works perfectly with a CD behind it. The CDs radius is about 1/4" longer. Looks just right to me. Now for the practical advice... The 4" lid comes on the 1 quart Tupperware pitcher. I think the product number is 874. There are a lot of 2 or even 1.5 quart pitchers for sale. They have the larger lid. If you want the 4" lid, you want the tall, slender 1 quart pitcher (874).
  7. Respectfully requesting sandtrooper access. Gerard Quinn TD 11320 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19135
  8. Hello MEPD! My name is Jerry and I am an aspiring 501st member and TD. Been reading incessantly for a few months now but finally signed up. I acquired armor a couple months ago and had to make the decision to go TK or TD. There is just something about a well weathered TD with all the gear and a BFG. I also live in the Arizona desert so the choice was easy. sandy for me! A little bit about my armor project. I acquired a set of armor from one of the founding fathers of the storm/sand trooper movement, Marco enterprises. He is selling off his remaining sets and I got my hands on one. It's been a very interesting journey. Marco armor was the predecessor to FX and there are a lot of similarities. Also a lot of differences. The project is nearing completion and I look forward to posting a build (modification) thread on the experience. It's come a long way and in the end, I know it will be something that the legion and I can be proud of.
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