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  1. Great stuff, good to see you in your first troop there Arienh, Hopefully we'll See you at a Brissy troop soon. Cheers Glenn
  2. Nice job Boss, I will never understand the mentality behind that sort of cruelty to any animal. Maybe the parents and kids need to be taken to task by the law but nice job in saving this one Cheers
  3. Hi Mitch, Welcome to the mepd. It'll become an obsession even after you finish your build ...lol Cheers
  4. There are a lot of pictures missing from the PO page, but they he not been there for some time, looks like it could be a bit of a job to fix now
  5. problem solved - a jaw had interfered with a vital component all fixed, and Jawa, well .......
  6. Hi everybody, One of our members is unable to get back onto the site since the change Ok... Done system wide dns flush (multiple times), tried using ie, chrome, edge, Firefox... All of them with and without hola. Cleared cache, restarted system,and modem (multiple times). The only thing left to do is uninstall my windows 10 installation. I'll see if that fixes anything. Can anybody help with a solution? Cheers
  7. Hi Beefie, It's on safari as well, iPad etc but still nice to see it running again, I was at a loss without it lol
  8. Hi again guys, a couple of new pics, changes to the radar dish and detonator, Cheers
  9. Hi Smally, The trooper is the last one in centre of the ally take off scene these are the only photos I've had to work from. Cheers ‚Äč was told he is just referred to as enlisted man Cheers
  10. Hi and thanks for the encouragement guys, I have made a couple of changes since putting up the photos new radar dish and changes to the top of the pack so I will post those after the weekends troop Yes that's correct the very last time you see a sandy at the take off scene, The pictures for reference are not that clear but hoping to get there Cheers
  11. Name: Glenn Hill Legion ID # TD-10538 Forum Name: Dwqld Garrison: Redbacks Applying for : Enlisted Man Armour: AM1 (2012) Pauldron: Trooper bay I'm hoping to become the first SWAT sand trooper in the Redback garrison. http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah196/glenn80/SWAT%20APPLICATION%20PHOTOS%20TD10538/thumb_IMG_0822_1024_zpsfmhpkxeq.jpg Cheers
  12. Dwqld

    brad for crotch

    Lol I blame it all on brad tho those election posters have me intreeged.
  13. Dwqld

    brad for crotch

    Lol, I did find some larger ones and have fitted to the appropriate area One step closer to my swat application thanks to brad lol
  14. Hi Guys and Girls, I have a probably dumb question but does anybody know what the head size of the brad for the crotch should be. I can get them in craft shops but they look really small thanks, cheers
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