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  1. Fantastic news Lee, your SWAT Trooper is simply Awesome!!!!! You are a brilliant addition to SWAT Sandtrooper Elite Ricky
  2. millenium1

    *DONE* TD-19975 Requesting Deployment

    Your welcome Russell
  3. All the very best Lee, your commitment and attention to detail to your SWAT Trooper is evident! Awesome work Trooper
  4. millenium1

    *DONE* TD-19976 Requesting Deployment

    Well done Ian All the hard work and attention to detail has really paid off ! Welcome to the Sandpit Trooper Ricky
  5. millenium1

    *DONE* TD69691 - Requesting Deployment

    Very well done Trev, it was a pleasure working with you long may it continue Ricky
  6. millenium1


    Well said Rick, The SWAT accreditation is achievable through the many years of hard work and dedication put in by the MEPD members, the sharing of this information and the continual striving for excellence makes the MEPD a true Brother/Sisterhood of which I am proud to belong! The future of the MEPD is an exciting place to be with the experienced and the innovative, committed Command staff to guide the Brotherhood upwards and onwards. Also a big shout out to all my Brothers and Sisters of the MEPD, you are ace Proud to belong!
  7. millenium1

    *DONE* TD4156 Requesting Deployment

    Great work Paul, so very nearly there
  8. millenium1

    The field pack broken down into its components

    Nice work Constantin
  9. millenium1

    *DONE* TD-393 Requesting Deployment

    Yay welcome th the ranks Chris
  10. millenium1

    Official SWAT Panel 2016

  11. millenium1

    *DONE* TD-393 Requesting Deployment

    You look awesome, good luck bro
  12. millenium1

    Smally retiring as DO.

    Bone Idle ! Be nice to see you back here in some capacity
  13. millenium1


    I think MEPD standards need to implemented from the get go then everyone involved in the SWAT process can work to these standards, any alterations/improvements to these standards could then be presented to the whole SWAT team for approval. This would allow for movement and inspiration but keep the SWAT rank achievable and realistic. I love this place
  14. millenium1


    I still think a dedicated panel for each SWAT applicant would be ace
  15. millenium1


    Ah I get it now, silly me