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  1. Thanks Pete! Looking forward to joining the ranks
  2. Hi @Hausi, Thanks for the review. I guess it appears I have 'jumped the gun' on my helmet with the paint chip details and weathering and I believe I would need to wipe everything off clean and redo it to match the "Look Sir, droids" helmet but a 'lite' version instead. This however may take awhile. Noted on the comments regarding the weathering on the chest, handguard, shins and boots. These can be corrected somewhat easily. As for the radio, I already have the dial on standby from some time ago so that will be a quick work. And shall wait for the results with regards to the plastic cannister but from the screengrab photo above, I'd disagree that there is one present as the lines on the side of the radio are fairly straight suggesting the absence of the cannister. Modifications to the E11 should be a quick one as well. I already found the 3D files for the M19 scope and make a new rail and drill out the ejection port with the lever pulled back.
  3. Good day to you @Hausi& @bigwam I hope you both are doing fine. Thank you for taking the time to review my application and would like to apologise for the long gap in my reply. My armour is actually in my new apartment and I didn't manage to find the time to take the pics. Here is the additional photos as requested. Helmet off 360 pics (with backpack Front Sides 360 photo (w/o backpack) Snaps & fasteners Backpack Do let me know if more photos is needed and changes required. Thanks guys!
  4. Name: Daniel Wong Legion ID #: TD-6316 Forum Name: tk6316 Garrison: Malaysia Garrison Trooper Emulated: Docking Bay 94 (Sergeant) Police Officer : On-screen trooper (right) vs Applicant (left) Photo 1 Photo 2 Helmet Armor Blaster That is all for my application and would appreciate any feedback or changes needed for my kit to be approved. Thanks!
  5. GREAT! Thanks @Hausi& @bigwam and I appreciate your time reviewing my application. Will now try and see if my kit is good enough for SWAT.
  6. Good day @Hausi & @bigwam I have made the changes as requested. Please let me know if there are more changes to be made. Redone the thighs and shins Weathered the shoulder straps Rivets and screws Thanks guys!
  7. Hi @Hausi& @bigwam, First of all sorry haven't update on my progress. Past few weeks been pretty busy with work and studies. So I finally got the time to try the Acetone+ABS mix and took me some time to get it right. Please have a look at the reworked back of the thighs and do let me know if its good. Will redo the weathering later on. https://imgur.com/a/fXZor8f <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/fXZor8f" data-context="false" ><a href="//imgur.com/a/fXZor8f"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Thanks!
  8. Hi Hausi & Bigwam, Thank you for the feedback and I would like to apologies for the delay in the update of my application. I needed some time to source ABS strips to rework the thighs. With regards to the comments in italic, it was rather difficult and would look totally off if I were to bring the inner left thigh down to align the outward edge. Instead I heat gun it to bend it down as the pic below as if I were to bring the inner thigh downwards, the front would be very off As you can see, the bottom has shrunk slightly from the heat gun so I plan to cover it up with either bondo or epoxy and touch it up afterwards. I would like to know is do you think its more 'aligned' now or I should press it some more. The shins also have been done and is waiting to be weathered.
  9. Appreciate the feedback @Hausi and thanks for the first review. Will work on the changes right away!
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