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  1. Looks totally Great Trent. I have a Dirty Boy Pack mostly finished with all components for sale still if you are looking for a pack. I will make you a good deal on it since Im probably going to lose my shirt on it anyways. I would love to help you complete your kit. Holler at me if you want to talk it over. you can see picks of it in my fire sale thread over in the for sale items.
  2. And I always recommend Dr. Scholls gel insoles for any boot. Or similar Gel or memory foam insert. They just make boots so much more comfy during long hours on your feet. I use them in my Motorcycle Boots, My work boots, my Renfaire boots, and my trooper boots. Lands End Boots do seem to run a little tight so I recommed ordering a half size up from your normal shoe size. I did this and mine fit very well
  3. Also Dallas if your looking to paint them the best paint I have found for boots is from a Company called Angelus. You can buy their products at alot of art and hobby stores or order it direct from their website. http://angelusdirect.com/collections/paint. They have a good white leather paint as well as prepper and sealer. and the prices from the direct site are pretty good. Several of the other troopers I've talked to have used it before and like it also.
  4. I have a pair of the Lands End boots and from all the screenshots I've looked at they look pretty close. Once Painted white should pass as well as anything I've found here in the states.
  5. These are nice Photos. Great Troop from the sound of it. looks like you all had a good time and helped a good cause.
  6. Ive got too much left to finish with my Helmet and Armor, Plus have Felice working on a Bapty for me. So I can't work on an MG 34 right now. but These would be great for someone looking to make one.
  7. Happy Birthday Scribbler!! I hope you find the Droids your looking for. Have a drink on us.
  8. Its going to be a long two year wait
  9. That is some pretty good footage from the original movie.
  10. Nice set of Flow Charts. Just goes to show you with the right dreams and proper implementation one set of ideas can change everything.
  11. Very good job man. Hate to see you go but life sometimes takes us on adventures to other galaxies far far away. Take care of yourself and may the force be with you!
  12. Very cool Costume there. Excellent Job on that one.
  13. I know you'll get to SWAT Felix. Your too good of crafter and pay too great of attention to detail not to. Glad your travels were safe and you had some fun over here.
  14. This is a very unique build and looks like it should make a very cool DLT-19 when your done. Thanks for posting this build. Very cool.
  15. Blasted Shipping gets us all everytime. Im going to work on fixing the damage to my pack this weekend and possibly painting my boots too. I will try to put up some pics when its done. May check out the walmart and dollar store here as well and see what I can find in the way of a cheap pack to rob straps from
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