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  1. dont phone the police walt lol,im here!
  2. hey guys an girls, for various reasons ive been a way for a while so havent really logged in for around 6 months! i just wanted to say im back where my heart belongs with all my sandtrooper friends.im looking forward to having a good scroll through and checking out any changes that have occured while ive been gone, i hope not too much has changed as it was pretty much spot on when i left! cant wait too catch up with you all, loads of sandy hugs,marcus(inglorious trooper)
  3. the best 2 armourers you will come across now,are RS and TM mate! unless its R.O.T.J. armour your after,then its C.F.O.!
  4. welcome to the dirty side leo, be great if you could fill in your details,so we know a bit more about you!
  5. I bought from him last year,without any probs, im sure hes just forgot!
  6. very nice set up mate,looks really good!
  7. wow that took sometime...finally well done to you both,you already know your great parents!
  8. hey juan,just a thought,i have a bobmaker lid that's only been undercoated in silver sitting on my shelf that I would let go if you were desperate as I think he has a waiting time(so I believe).obviously im in the U.K. so shipping might be big but just a thought,it has everything for it! cheers!
  9. hey guys,thankyou all so much....makes my day!!
  10. sir,you little tinker with the title! love this site STILLLLL!......maybe I might just put in for police officer soon,if your lucky lol! M.E.P.D. RULLLEEESSSSSS!
  11. thanks for sharing dan,you all looked awesome..great to see pics of lara again in her fantastic costume!
  12. congrats alan,look forward to trooping with you soon mate!!
  13. what I did was take a photo of my blaster,laminated it and stuck it to my box explaining what was inside!
  14. looking good danny, got to say,your armour fits you really well, nice one mate!! also i used fullers earth and hairspray also,never had any probs with it coming off!
  15. all i can say is it looks EXACTLY the same as my RS armour,dissapointing!!!
  16. good choice neil, i cant say enough good things about RS,great to deal with and good honest lads! i built mine myself, it did take me a while but enjoyed it though,i suppose you could still troop your fx while you were doing it,if you wanted to save a bit of cash!
  17. good luck mate, i think you'd be surprised how my troopers here are in forces!
  18. hey ray, maybe fill in your details so we know in the world where you are mate! as has already been said,jay "trooper 1" parsons is the man for the best pauldrons. for your pouches you can pick original spanish pouches up on ebay. for your DLT19,i suggest doopy doos,depends in the world where you are as they dont ship to the U.S.! not a problem though if you are as i can help, also have you got all your armour parts,daimond knee plate etc..., any help you need just ask,were a great bunch, all the best and good luck,marcus.
  19. good choice, i use fullers earth for weathering all sorts of stuff! well worth its money,i just find theres nothing else that gives you that grainy look!
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