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  1. Hi friend, i'm interesting of Imperial Cog Compression Shirt Run.

    How much is it shipping cost to Italy (two pieces) ?

    Thanks, Stefano

  2. Thanks guys...and I didn't think of it that way Scribs. Shes very very sneaky it would appear...lol
  3. Hey guys, I thought I'd just throw this out there for anybody that might be in the Central Texas area in February. There will be a Star Wars Kids camp in February. I attached the link. Looks pretty cool. http://starwarscamp.wordpress.com/
  4. Thanks guys! She even got the pauldron right...lol
  5. Nice...I especially like the black pauldron trooper that comes with the Lego set.
  6. The dishes are done. Well done for now, as in I'm not working on it anymore until after Wizard World. The Jawa says "hi".
  7. Lol..Smally I got the poster from here. Here's the link: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=9155&st=0&p=111121&hl=poster&fromsearch=1entry111121
  8. So, I decide to share this project with my brothers in the sand since its most appropriate here. Some of you (who are my FB friends) have probably already seen these pics. So from the beginning. I wanted to create a cantina backdrop and decided to build one with wood and hardboard. That was a huge mistake. The half complete prop weighed a ton (maybe less...lol, but still heavy) and was not practical for me. I needed something light and portable so I can easily transport it to troops. So version two is made with PVC and foam. Whether it will withstand the rigors of trooping and transportation only time will tell. Some of the advantages at this point for the build is the portability (none of the pipes are glued, they're all held in place with machine bolts and nuts so it can be disassembled as needed). The foam is held to the frame with velcro (oh yeah, this prop is for indoor use only such as cons). Wind is a serious problem for this light weight prop. It cost about $100 give or take and takes about 2 days to build by myself. I expect to finish it tonight. I still have 3 facade pieces to finish and then final paint and weather. This prop will be at Wizard World Austin and we'll see if it'll hold up. I attached a few pics of the build below.
  9. Yeah, it was weird. Ryan asked me where he should post his build thread so I sent him a link via Facebook. He clicked on the link and posted, by doing so he somehow got access to my account. When I logged into MEPD to see what he was talking about, it was automatically logged into his account. Very strange. It was fixed by logging out and relogging, but strange.
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