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  1. Real Sonix Victory Radio 75 Photos

    You could use a toothbrush to clean out the dust before making molds of the radio. Unless you want to capture the dust too :-) Thanks for sharing the super detailed closeup photos! Charlie
  2. But you have access to Bill Thomas (DarkShadesBill) on the OLGa forums, and he loves to 3D print things Maybe shoot him a message pointing to the Thingiverse file and ask what he would charge to print them. Charlie
  3. Vendor for Mortar Tube Details

    The only way to be sure is to ask your vendor to send you a picture of exactly what you'll receive, then compare it to the screen captures and behind the scenes photos. http://tk386.com/sandtrooper_backpack_kit/slides/2012-07-17 05.14.49.html I know a guy (wink wink) if you're interested Charlie
  4. Photobucket Fix - HELP REQUEST

    I have a vested interest in recovering the Sandtrooper Backpack build logs. Some of them are old, but they still provide excellent guidance on assembly considerations and techniques. Where are you migrating the photos to? Here's a couple of build logs with images hosted on Photobucket: Since I'm the web admin for Old Line Garrison, I am able to FTP the recovered photos directly to our hosting server, then edit the posts so the img tags point to the OLGa server. Would we be able to do that here on MEPD.net? Charlie
  5. HappyTrooper's Mission Journal

    Wow, that's great seeing how often you've been trooping, and for noteworthy causes too! One of these days we're going to have to meet up. Maybe AwesomeCon 2018 Charlie
  6. Original Shires Syphon EBay

    The exact same siphon sold on ebay before for only $11.97 on September 30. If only I had a time machine... Charlie
  7. Backpack #1

    Backpack #1 according to Look Sir Droids has the rectangular filter on the top left: http://www.looksirdroids.com/backpacks.html Backpack #5 has the round cylindrical filter. Charlie
  8. m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    Very nice work Vincent! Your attention to detail really shines through! Charlie
  9. Question about pack #5 greeble

    Berkal is the one you seek. He created and offered up a 3D printed version of the greeblie: Charlie
  10. Davin Felth Backpack Build

    Wow, very nice work! I love it when a pack comes together! Charlie
  11. Hi Chris! Although a little dated, this web page has a detailed description of the 5 different sandtrooper backpacks, and it sounds like you're building a #1 pack: http://www.looksirdroids.com/backpacks.html Here's another analysis and description of the details that go into the backpack by MonCal: The top left filter box is actually pretty easy to make, and I can offer the parts for it if you're interested: Cut out the hole so you can see the filter element, then glue the sides to the base, and the lid to the sides. ========== The center bottle is difficult to replicate because you can see the domed shape at the top. There was some discussion a while back about different bottles, but no one has found a definitive item. Check out Strider's build thread using a cut down shampoo bottle: Photobucket is being poopy and not sharing the photos, so here they are: It looks like the bottle was cut down by an inch or two, then he used a plastic shim inside to mount the lid. The top of the bottle has a UFO shaped item, just slightly wider than the bottle. Some folks have used the backing plate for a drill mounted sanding disc: The rest of the items from your list should be easy to source (I might know a guy ) I've lost the link for the screen captures on MEPD, but you can find a bunch on FISD (after you sign in): https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/album/54-sandtroopers-blueray-screen-captures/ Let me know if there's anything else you need help with. Charlie
  12. Star Wars Sushi cake in Japan

    Wow, that looks beautiful and delicious. Happy birthday! Charlie
  13. Lab Pipe

    No actual equipment for the left side lab pipe has been identified (yet). All we have are blurry screen captures similar to what's found here: http://www.looksirdroids.com/backpacks.html I've been using a 1" PVC pipe, cut to 15" long, with the ends reamed out to accommodate a short piece of 3/4" PVC pipe at the top and bottom. A pair of zip ties mounts it to the frame. Charlie
  14. Grey-blue Color for Backpack Parts

    Deo, I think the Krylon paint is a close enough match, although I'm not on the SWAT committee. Looking at the screen captures, there doesn't seem to be a sharp shiny reflection on the paint, so a satin clearcoat should knock down the shine to an acceptable level. Now to continue the discussion about blue versus gray - Check out the gray sky in the 1977 clip versus the blue sky in the 2011 clip: The enhancement with the blue color filter may have been heavy handed, and added too much blue to the backpack. You can also see a hint of blue in the stormtroopers white helmet and armor. So if you dial back the blue just a bit, I think it would still exist in the original paint. That's why I continue to recommend the Rustoleum Lake Blue, which is very close to your Krylon Bahama Sea: Charlie
  15. Dyops Sandtrooper Build

    I love seeing armor builds. It's wonderful to see everything come together, and thank you for the endorsement of the backpack kit Mike! Dyops contacted me a few months ago, and now that his armor is almost finished, he'll be ordering a backpack kit. Deo will be ready to get dirty very soon! Charlie