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  1. Hah-hah, that's tremendous luck Dave! Care to share the brand of ice cream you were enjoying so we can all rush to the grocery store and clean them out? Charlie
  2. Some folks have found seed trays on Amazon, but I believe they are a bit small, and require a fair amount of customizing. I've recently made new molds to vacuum form seed trays and ship a pair of 3 rib and 5 rib trays to you for $60 (within the continental US) Let me know if you're interested in a set, and I can send them out right away! Charlie
  3. There's been a lot of debate about which Tupperware lid is the correct size, but most believe it is the smaller one, especially when compared to the 2 1/2" mortar tube. For your shampoo bottle, you'll need to cut it down in height like Strider did a couple of years back: You're pack looks fantastic, and with a little weathering you'll be ready to apply for Police Officer! Charlie
  4. That's beautiful Thomas! Thanks for sharing the detailed photos. It's incredible how well preserved the radio is! Charlie
  5. Wow, very nice work Christian! You have a great eye for detail, and you really captured everything in your build! I can't wait to see it when you're finished Charlie
  6. SWAT's goal is to emulate a particular sandtrooper from a particular scene. All of the photos of the sandtrooper backpacks show the seed trays have a flat edge, and that is why they are sliding apart and barely held together with gaffer's tape: So, if you're going for SWAT, do not leave the lip around one of the trays. Trim the trays so they are flat. Charlie
  7. You've got a couple of options for affixing the seed trays. If you're going for SWAT, then you trim the edges so they are totally flat. Then they'll slide apart and you'll need gaffer's tape to hold them together, just like in the movie. However, if You're looking for a more practical solution that will keep them lined up, check out this post: Charlie
  8. Many folks have taken an old school backpack and cut the padded shoulders straps off to use on their sandtrooper backpack. You could also use a few inches of elastic to connect the top of the frame to your shoulder straps. This would act as a shock absorber while you're walking. I don't understand the mechanics, but the chest straps do alleviate some of the load off your shoulders. If you could find backpack straps with those already built in, that could save you some work. Charlie
  9. Thanks for doing the work to capture all of the screenshots and sharing them Markus! I was going through the scenes last week and was surprised that there is only 90 seconds of screen time for the sandtroopers! Of course, it's because the sandtroopers are so awesome that they made such a huge impact with such little screen time :-) Charlie
  10. Wow, you've created a very nice pack! Most impressive! I really like the bottom shape of your gray bottles. The ones used on screen have a sharp angle at the bottom, just like the ones you've found Good job setting the angle for the radar dish! Your eye for detail really shines through in the pack you've built! Charlie
  11. I knew the kidney plate notch thread was around here somewhere. So many words to read... Ultimately, the best thing to do is carefully examine the screen captures: https://starwarsscreencaps.com/star-wars-episode-iv-a-new-hope-1977/28/ Charlie
  12. Yup, that's Gordon Tarpley. He put it together on a whim with some inspiration from his wife way back in 2012. His thread on the RPF shows molds were made, but I don't think it ever went to production :-( https://www.therpf.com/f9/star-wars-christmas-story-crossover-leg-lamp-171297/ Charlie
  13. Your flexible PVC pipe reminded me of something... Thanks for the wiggle wiggle wiggle! Charlie
  14. Here's the solution to your kidney / ab plate issue: Get your skinny bike riding butt to McDonalds and eat a bunch of Big Macs with extra special sauce! Don't forget to order super size fries too! Or, Find the midpoint of your sides, then mark the kidney plate with a pencil, or tape, and trim it halfway to the mark. Test the fit and make sure you haven't trimmed too much off. Trim until the kidney just meets the ab plate. Just like hair, it's easy to cut off plastic, but much harder to glue it back on. You'll want to do the same thing with the thighs. They are a much goofier shape, so you'll need to follow the original contour. You'll lose the return that pokes into your legs, unless you get a fancy sealing iron and bend it back in. Most folks don't worry about this, but since you're a Lancer Biker Scout, you may aspire to be SWAT here. https://www.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/WTI0001P?I=LXHZ17&P=0 The tops of the thighs are crazy. Definitely look at other SWAT applications to see how the halves do not line up. The outside left thigh is lower by 3/4" than the inside. The inside right thigh is also lower than the outside. It's madness I tell you! Check out Hausi's SWAT application. Lots of great photos and comparisons to screen captures, and he's got a similar physique as you: It looks like he trimmed the ab plate so the split is a little more toward his front than the exact middle of his sides. Also, there's something about a notch on the kidney plate visible just below the belt - other folks will need to chime in about that tiny detail... Good luck, and don't forget about those cheeseburgers! Charlie
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