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  1. USS Intrepid Troop in NYC

    Good job !
  2. TK-4510 helmet #1

    sweet looking helmet
  3. Nice!! Love it thanks for sharing
  4. TD-6168 Requesting Deployment

    Looks spot on... will be good to go after those minor tweeks. Great job dude!
  5. Great news indeed. Cheers to Noel and to another great year of burning Luke's family alive!! Congrats Noel!
  6. oh the suits are garbage no doubt total and uter trash.... i was just saying that some of us tend to take our armor too serious sometimes ..i know i have sometimes obsessed over the smallest detail but at the end of the day videos like the just serve as a reminder to all of us that sometimes its best not to take our hobby too serious is all
  7. I remember the original post a few months ago.. Its such a fun video that its worthy of a 2nd post.
  8. This just proves one thing.. The general public does not care about how inaccurate ANY armor is...why? Because people love Star Wars. Just a reminder to all armor snobs and plastic elitest out there.. Not saying you shouldn't want to make the most accurate armor you can just saying one shouldn't thumb their nose at ANYBODYS armor no matter how crappy.... lol
  9. Hi guys.. first off let me wish everyone a Happy 2011! So does anyone have any Costume/Armor Goals this year? 2010 was a weird armor year for me.. While I trooped my fair share of events and even added two new sets of armor ...a Phase One and Phase Two Clone armor to my collection (even got them both approved by the 501st.) Sadly work kept me away from my armor over the last 3 months....and now that I have time again . I hope to get the energy and time to once again rock my Sandy. TIE, CT and TC once more... Life don't you just love it?
  10. I am now a Grandpa.

    Congrats, Nathan!
  11. Helmet size

    Do you have a picture of the helmet in question? I have one of the larger heads in the 501st and the MRCE which is the same mold as the eFX fits me like a glove without looking cartoonish at all.
  12. Its a Girl!

    congrats compadre!!
  13. R2-D2 Swimsuit

    yep she sure is rocking the Bantha knuckle for sure