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  1. Hi Done, Double version finished. No glass elements on the sights - they are in the production phase. An interesting item for Battlefront lovers . Of course, both exchangeable barrels. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNMlMJqPUZUfKPoKilOR850aFG2Cgvl8CdbhShhMa1D0PZHXq-i-NDS1HEGTqwd-w?key=b3h0SkFkVmlMaWFpbV9iUUVxNmNGU1ljSFZyZlVn Enyoj BH
  2. Hi First parts of my T-21b :). The new barrel will fit to my T-21, the sight will be freely disassembled. Two in one weapon https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNMlMJqPUZUfKPoKilOR850aFG2Cgvl8CdbhShhMa1D0PZHXq-i-NDS1HEGTqwd-w?key=b3h0SkFkVmlMaWFpbV9iUUVxNmNGU1ljSFZyZlVn photo of the barrel t-21b assembled in a fast way to show the appearance of a new barrel, some of the elements will be copied and placed in their places BH
  3. Hi The cost of shipping in Europe is 40 euros (normal parcel not courier). To the USA, similarly. I am not responsible for the loss of parcels by customs restrictions in your country, please check what's going on regionally. In the case of shipping, he indicates tracking number. Content declares as a "plastic exhibition model" and I attach pictures from the film for customs officers :) The package has a dimension of 100X30X50cm, total weight - up to 5 kg BH
  4. HI Weight- 2,65 - 2,85 kg, disassembled into 2 parts- simple assembly .Completely stuck and painted. Waiting time- 3 weeks, . On the basis of t-21 I will make the t-21b model, haa BH
  5. Hi Link for a 'rogue one blasters' not working, that's why I'm posting this link here. I'ts my version a Rogue E-11 blaster , was made some time ago . Full scratchbuilding, no 3D print or another parts Flashlight- my own production https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPfWs_o5IEtH9eylKjsWenJUJXy2A2STCDlPmvA6LR0rQ5VLhk349z5D9Lg_r1nIA?key=VTBxdmV0RWNMeGVtNzg0cDhiY3dCUTkyS0FObVJB Enjoy BH
  6. HI a little production in the holidays https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP26UW2GueMHp6qg6P38gQdht5cwPxfa79QcrvHZ7-6q_8spfiHC84AxQRK8wUTYw?key=LVJ1emxkb2VLT2Z6RFRKOFR1T3RheEZjeFBBUEt3 enjoy BH
  7. Hi look at my gallery: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN4ql78Uhlj53hcThV2VWx7it8B1LynxWnW--RWonQLb-2y52405D3puEJXdiEdDQ?key=N3QyZVpPYy1OUjl0azhEWVB6UGxOeWhmbGtUdk9R Here you will find the right location for details. BH
  8. Hi. Done. Ultimate version is ready. On the basis of pictures, film frames, materials from outside the plan and frame-by-frame, the final version was made. different radiator system, two spiral towers on the barrel, an additional ring on the barrel and a wire system from the brake lines gives a film effect. Enjoy :) https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN4ql78Uhlj53hcThV2VWx7it8B1LynxWnW--RWonQLb-2y52405D3puEJXdiEdDQ?key=N3QyZVpPYy1OUjl0azhEWVB6UGxOeWhmbGtUdk9R BH
  9. HI New pics in gallery, Barrel just painting, body done .I'm fighting for the rest parts of the barrel. enyoj https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN4ql78Uhlj53hcThV2VWx7it8B1LynxWnW--RWonQLb-2y52405D3puEJXdiEdDQ?key=N3QyZVpPYy1OUjl0azhEWVB6UGxOeWhmbGtUdk9R BH
  10. HI rifle butt: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN4ql78Uhlj53hcThV2VWx7it8B1LynxWnW--RWonQLb-2y52405D3puEJXdiEdDQ/photo/AF1QipPGIf7PgZYt-KTH6YSh-ruCmSPrcUHGxkC0Cqzw?key=N3QyZVpPYy1OUjl0azhEWVB6UGxOeWhmbGtUdk9R (no wood)
  11. HI It"s first look on my DLT's parts . no 3d printing,no plans - only scratchbuilding oldschool handmade enyoj https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN4ql78Uhlj53hcThV2VWx7it8B1LynxWnW--RWonQLb-2y52405D3puEJXdiEdDQ?key=N3QyZVpPYy1OUjl0azhEWVB6UGxOeWhmbGtUdk9R BH
  12. HI I returned to works on my rt97c...many times, many questions of time... but work in progress https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNnpLXCt75ZjVD1NgggUN2YUbd_UCV7ZOBlEh_Nh7B2-r9sXvjVmWjwLtg3RnV3vQ/photo/AF1QipNlu0YzuqswJ_BworLr4G7TPVAZdO5dz1gvREJQ?key=Zk1sSDRjbGlBQV9lLTRlVFlTTkE1YW5oUXpQRmlR enjoy p.s. scratchbuilding is a hard work :)... no 3d print. no elements from web... old school handwork
  13. hi new link to my album: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOf2QR1PnNTNgOVF3z5Yrr7SAAosH7RM8GQ9a0HcuZl5bKKsPk9Q2fgyI_sHccmxA?key=dXQ4cU1GWGJ6cWZhWFh3WkV5dmZIdjZnc3hkNGhR enjoy
  14. Hi new link to my album: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN1-qRpOw0TiV49QTWSerGbjIxLvWQYN3tpJ-d9LJPYnP3BPUxETQaRvl5918ZJjQ?key=ZUIzUmJlMXlzb0dtOWpXM3Y5LUU4MGNlY25VTGRB enjoy
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