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MEPD Newsletter May/June 2024

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-              From the Desk of the D.L.

-              Meet the Command Staff 

-              New MEPD Merch is here

-              CRL changes 


Hello again TD brothers and sisters, 

I’m excited for this second issue of this year’s term.  It has been a very busy first quarter.  This issue is packed with new stuff and new faces!  First, you all will get to meet our new Merch officer and later in this issue learn about new merch options coming to the detachment. Next, you will meet our new DXO.  Our new XO is representing the Mimban troopers.  And finally an update on the coming CRL changes.  Our social media platforms are having a lot of new posts as well. I would like to encourage everyone to post in the Tours of Duty thread here on the forums to increase our activity and engagement here as well. 

As always, I'm honored to be here with the best detachment in the Legion.  Keep trooping- Punisha 




I’d like to introduce our new Merch officer, dak- Punisha

Good day Sandys, 
A little about me: I joined the 501st Legion with my first kit in 2017 and as of today I have 12 kits under my belt along with 1 that is retired. It has been a wild ride. My Sandtrooper I like the best. Always doing great things in it and the kids get a kick too.
I am currently the MEPD trading card-maker and I am also pleased to introduce myself as your new merch. person. A big shout out to Adam H. for a job well done with merch.   We’ll be putting out some polling soon to get an idea on what types of items you would like to have from the detachment. Stay tuned. You can always hit me up with suggestions and getting to know you folks is my plan. 
In short it is super to be here and to make this detachment move forward and do great things for all. Thank you for the nod. 
Stay dirty,
Angela (dak)




And here is our new Detachment Executive Officer, minimo.- Punisha

Hey there! I’m Joe, originally from Puerto Rico but now proud to call Linden, Virginia, home sweet home.

Joined the Legion back in 2019, just before the whole COVID thing hit. But let me tell you, it’s been one heck of a ride! The Legion isn’t just about cosplay for me—you guys are family. My wife’s in on the action too, and our twins, Luke and Leia, are members of the Galactic Academy.

Last year, those little troopers completed over 25 troops, and boy, are we proud! It’s amazing to see them embracing the spirit of giving back and spreading joy through the Star Wars universe.

I’m incredibly grateful for all the Legion has given my family and me. I’m part of multiple detachments, volunteer in a few roles, and proudly represent the MEPD as a filthy Mimban Stormtrooper—haha!

Looking forward to serving you all and our detachment. And hey, if you ever want to geek out, my door is always open!




There is a lot going on with MEPD merch this year.  We have a few things currently open and more to come later in the year.  Here’s a list of the items:


Currently open, is the MEPD ID badge and sticker run.



Also open now is the MEPD baseball hat run. 



Later this year, we will have a coin and patch run as well as MEPD t-shirt. 




Just an update:

The CRL changes from last issue should take effect in the next couple of weeks (I hope!).  Once again, these changes will not affect those who are already approved just the new applicants.  One change that might help older members though is the removal of the shoulder pouch requirement when not wearing a backpack.  

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