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Ghosties AM 5.0 Build/Progression

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Hello Sandies

Here is an improved progress/build thread for my armor and just showing a how I endured blood, sweat, tears and loss of sanity, even the most little things can dive someone mad. I also wanted to make at least put everything that I have worked on in this post and then you'll see more of my armor progression whenever I get the chance since I have a summer break:

Jan 3rd 2024: I received my kit (Option B)from Dave's Darkside Depot and I was energetic and thrilled to begin construction….how gullible I was. 



Note: I want to display a diagram of certain lengths to trim the RE provided by Bigwam which I cant thank enough but take at this at your own will. Plus if you want it flexible here’s the diagram. Also this is all what I can remembered since it has been a while. 



Jan 19 or 26th 2024: I had a member from the Dune Sea Garrison start helping me size a shin but barely got through 1 and didn’t trim the RE(L).


Feb 9th 2024: The DSG member came back and started to help me assemble my bucket and got though some progress but it was something.



Feb 23rd 2024: The DSG member lend me his dremel and some enamel paint so I could trim my entire armor and make it flexible than stiff which is helpful


Feb 27th 2024: After trimming the front and back piece I have done a test fit and I made very small straps which was about 10mm. I am planning to keep the snaps on the front plate and glue some longer straps on the back what you think?




Early March: I trimmed so much of my armor I felt like I lost track of time.


Mar 20th 2024: I made the round dome on the cod piece with the top line shown here.



Mar 23rd 2024: My Garrison had an Armor Party that I attended with haste and I got to trim my butt and form my back piece with Trooperbay's strapping kit.



Mar 28th and 29th 2024: I got to work on the ear pieces and boiled the coroners of my back piece since before it didn’t budge in with the kidney plate so problem solved. Also my bucket was complete and very shiny for now.




April 4th – 8th 2024: I have made a weathering pattern that I recommend everyone at least follow and avoid. First on the top is the horrible “Clayface” design which was done with putting paint in a brush and tapping it on a napkin to get some thin coloration and scatter it like a kid using crayons to make an abstract painting on a white wall. After some honest feedback by Bigwam and a club member that I will be using my costume for I remove that design with a wet paper towel and a scour side.



The bottom images are my new “Home” deign which I made by following Pandatrooper(watch Part II and III to understand how I did the clay) and Mikelbrierly videos. Reason why I call it “Home” is my state has gone through some turmoil, picture my home being a combination of the planet Mapuzo from the Obi-Wan show and the Mountains of Tatooine where R2 got captured by Jawas in ANH, but with history of unexpected fires, overgrazing causing eroded soil, water loss and invasive plants. If you want to know the colors they will be listed below, there all Vallejo paints BTW:

Clay color:                                   Sand color:

Chocolate brown                        Iraqi sand

Mahogany Brown                       Dark sand

Saddle brown




Apr 5th 2024: The DSG member came over to help me assemble my front piece of my armor to bring it to life.


Apr 11th 2024: The DSG member came over for the second to last time to help bring my belt to life and also did some sizing with my bicep’s pieces.


April 20th 2024: I put in an elastic strap to hold my bucket together, installed a padding and the green visor completing everything that is needed for my bucket. 


April 26th 2024: The DSG member came over 1 last time to attempt to size everything into my body but with a lack of an under suit(which I have) made things difficult and there was an estimated 4% progress, the biceps are ready to be assembled but everything else excluding the thighs is indecisive.


2 Days ago: I got the buttons for the belt on the ammo pack of the belt, patching the front shins and drilled 2 holes for my butt plate.



Whats next: I will be trimming the front part of the thighs, adding the cover strips for the front thigh’s biceps and shins, and trimming some of the forearms to make it line up. I will post whenever I can and show much of my armor if I am ever going to be a PO in the future, more content coming soon.

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Hello MEPD,

I am back with something to show after what felt like a "silent" break. I have just finished a semester and I had to prepare for an internship that will start soon. However, I have some photos testing my armor to get a vibe and I still moved like Mr. Staypuff from Ghostbusters on May the 4th. (Note: I know the pauldron is on the left side and I thought I put it in the right side but know for later installation.) 





As of Today I have done much as shown below and all that is left in assembling are the forearms and shins. By tomorrow my left thigh will be complete and ready for weathering but also I need to cut a curve to the thighs so I can fold my legs without any tension but here is everything so far and I am excited that I am near the end of the assembly. 


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