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The MEPD Newsletter Strikes Back! March/April 2024


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-              From the Desk of the D.L.

-              Meet the Command Staff 

-              CRL changes (proposed) 



Hello to my Dirty Brothers and Sisters, 


I am hoping to bring this tradition back this year.  I love our newsletter as it is where I got my start on the MEPD command staff. If anyone has an idea or topic they would like for us to cover here in future issues, please message me.  Also, if you have a submission for the newsletter, we are open to others sharing their work.  


The MEPD is also in need of a new Merchandising Officer.    Our new PRO is Darth Mout.   Our former PRO, Quinnzelle, has moved to the newly created Detachment Diversity Officer Position.  The Legion has also added 2 additional detachment positions this year, Detachment Archivist and Historian and Detachment Costume Advisor.  If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in stepping up and joining the MEPD Command Staff PM me for a discussion.  


I appreciate everyone trusting me with another year as Detachment Leader and I look forward to a great year.  It seems that troops are starting to come back even more this year.  We are seeing a gradual improvement each year as we move farther away from 2020. 



Stay Dirty, 



Quinn Brown (SandEEQuiNN) TD-91197

Detachment Diversity Officer

Former PRO


Hello MEPD,

I wanted to take a little time to introduce myself and tell you a little about me.  I am a single mom of a wonderful 12-year-old daughter, who is a Sandy in the Galactic Academy.  I was born just outside of Philadelphia.  I grew up in Pennsylvania and Florida.  I now live outside of Richmond, Virginia.  I work as a sushi chef.

In 2014, I met our DL, Punisha, at a convention and saw how cool the 501st costumes were in person.  I first joined as Asajj Ventress, which I hand-sewed.  My second costume was the Sandtrooper. I am the local Rebel Legion Base CO and XO of my local Squad.  I am happy to be a part of the greatest Detachment in the Legion.







Quinn Brown (SandEEQuiNN)


I know we started this topic on the forums already, but I felt this would give it more attention and more eyes on the topic.  I have revised my original post here to include ideas and additions already shared with me on the CRL updates thread here in these forums. If you have ideas to add to this discussion, go here: 




I would like to make a couple of changes to the existing CRL.  I am interested in your thoughts.  As always, this will not affect those already approved.  You are grandfathered in.  This would only be for new applicants.  


Currently, the CRL reads, “For basic approval ribbed shoulder straps are acceptable but discouraged.”  I would like to remove the ribbed shoulders option, as only special edition troopers have those and that is a separate CRL in progress.  I would like the CRL to read, “TK style ribbed shoulders are not acceptable.”


The next change is a similar change in thought.  The current CRL reads, “Left side Abdomen Armor has a minimum of three, and maximum of four painted white buttons.”  I would like the CRL to read, “Left side Abdomen Armor has three white buttons." (Credit to BadBatch for the edit)


BigWam and Airbourne trooper also added these ideas.

The first involved the helmet lenses. The current CRL reads that helmet lenses are “flat green or smoke.”  The change would read that helmet lenses are “flat green.”


Their next idea was to remove the shoulder pouch requirement when not wearing a backpack. The current CRL says “Black in color, made of canvas, leather or leatherlike German MP-40 style ammo pouches.”  The change would read, “Black in color, made of canvas German style MP-40 pouch or leather or leather like Stolla Wien ammo pouch. If you do not wear a backpack, you do not need the shoulder pouch.” 

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