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Jan/Feb 2020 MEPD Newsletter


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Hello Fellow Troopers, 

Welcome to our annual election-time issue.  In this issue we will have a few words from our current CO, hear from a member of the command staff, and look at some CRL updates and changes.  It has been an honor to serve as staff for this newsletter.  After this issue, I will be passing the reigns to the Desert Foxes' own, SandEEQuiNN.  As always, stay dirty!

Word from DL

Command Staff Member Interview

MEPD CRL Changes


Hello all troopers of the MEPD!

It has been quite a while since we have send out a newsletter. Various circumstances have caused this but I as your Detachment Leader take full responsibility for not keeping you all up to date with all developments within our ranks and the 501stas a whole. My apologies.

Having this said it’s time to enjoy the newsletter as it’s presented to you all.

Several interesting topics have been added so that each and every one of you will be up to date again.

I also would like to use this opportunity to bring the upcoming election under your attention.

This is going to be an exciting one as I have decided not to run for Detachment Leader again this time.

I think it is time for someone new at the helm and behind that dusty desk. Someone that will lead the MEPD further on the new road we’ve chosen to walk, together. 

I am convinced that whoever will take over my position will keep our values high and make sure that the MEPD will always be the best detachment within the 501stLegion.

Furthermore I would like to thank each and every one of you for having given me the opportunity to lead the MEPD to new horizons. My special thanks go out to my dedicated staff that has always has been there for me and for you all!

With deep respect, love and pain in my heart I salute you all!!

Godspeed my brothers and sisters of the MEPD!

-dutchy TD-1560/ Justus



Urs Tischhauser

Deployment Officer

Born in 1978 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, I spent the following eight years of my life in Lagos, Nigeria. After leaving Africa, I lived in Switzerland. I actually have both citizenships, Swiss and German. 

I now live with my wife in Constance at the lake of Constance in the very south of Germany and I work as a teacher at a Highschool, teaching English and German.

The first time I saw Star Wars was in 90 when my uncle from Germany recorded it when it was on TV and had sent the VHS to me as we didn´t have cable at that time in Switzerland. When I saw that some crazy people dress up as characters from the movies, I always thought that I wanted to have my own armor but it was expensive and … well …crazy.

I then took that step in 2016 and joined the 501st as a Tie Pilot, even before joining, I had met some really nice people at an event, among them my fellow Deployment Officer Thomas, his son Martin and Chris Knopek who has recently joined the ranks of the POs as well and we have become close friends. 

The Sandtrooper was my second costume and still is my favourite just as the MEPD is my favourite detachment and I am glad to be a part of this great bunch of dirty dudes.

Besides Star Wars, I´m into Skateboarding.

Cheers mates.

-Urs Tischhauser - Hausi



Hello, my Sandy brothers and sisters.  You may have noticed some recent changes to the CRL photos for a few of the classic Sandtroopers. These pictures have been updated to reflect new costuming breakthroughs and sizing corrections with the backpack radio.  Along with these photo changes, come the updates to the costume standards for Police Officer and SWAT levels. Below is a breakdown of the changes.  Be sure to check out the CRL’s and see the new pictures in place.  


A sandtrooper must meet all the following to be deployed as an MEPD Police Officer




Is made out of fiberglass, ABS, or HIPS. It is white, with appropriate weathering and does not contain excessive stylization. It must match proportionally to what was seen on screen. No FX Helmets.All visible screws have to be off he correct countersunk flathead type with a diameter of 7mm and no washers are to be used.


Flat green helmet lenses, made from lighting gel material, green welder’s mask face shield, acetate, or similar product.


Desert Backpack, styled after the ANH sandtrooper packs. They are comprised of two main boxes (aka Seed Trays), that are the approximate width of the backplate, correct bend on frame. Vacu-formed radio faceplates are not allowed. Strict screen accuracy is required! While not every Sandtrooper in the film had a backpack, we feel that this level of commitment and overall design of the character should be attained. This also means taking no personal liberties such as LED lights, etc. For the color of the backpack parts a greyish-blue color is strongly encouraged to meet the requirements of screen accuracy.

For deployment pictures, please add one picture without backpack.


Pauldron has no decals or patches and matches the the overally dimensions and look as seen on screen (not too thin).


Shoulder bells have no decals or patches.


• No ribbed shoulder straps.  Shoulder straps white elastic waist band material 4,5 cm wide. (Sandtrooper chest and back are attached from within via soft straps, and do not have the plastic ribbed straps like stormtroopers). A sew-on snap sewn to the bottom side of the elastic to attach the black elastic shoulder bell strapping must be present.

• Original Strapping System External Details Must Be Visible but does not have to be functional. This refers to the 6 countersunk flathead screws with a diameter of about 57 mm. 

• No FX Armor.


Three or four “teeth” cut out on either side of helmet “frown” may be cut out. This detail is often referred to as a “Stunt” helmet variation, in addition to the flat green lenses.Frown must be painted gray and must not leave the teeth area. A mesh behind the frown is not allowed.


Hand plates are trapezoid shaped and made of latex or other flexible material. The gloves have to be black rubber chemical gloves.


Tube stripes are correct blue, and not the darker navy seen on many older helmets. Helmet details such as the tear-drops and traps. Helmet details must be hand painted. Decals, including decals that emulate hand painting are not allowed. Also paint the ears gray, with a black outline. One ear dimple has to be painted black.


Correct Hovi-Mix mic tips.


Canvas or cargo strap material belt, approximately 3″ wide.No drop boxes, O2 canister, or holster. Plastic plates covering the  three rivets to attach the the canvas belt are perfectly square. 


• Armor side gaps are closed or nearly closed.


• No more than 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) gap on either side.

• This is done by adding a shim (or shims) of a similar type and color of material as the Abdomen and Back Armor.

• Shims fit flush and may have seams, though ideally they will be seamless to the Abdomen and/or Back Armor, resulting in a single seam between the two rather than extra seams where the shims are joined.

• Rivets on the left side of the Abdomen / Kidney Armor:

• A total of (6) brass splitrivets with three on the abdomen and three on the kidney. The rivets have a diameter of 8mm and have to be painted white.

• Rivets are equally spaced out along the depth of the armor and about 10mm from the edge.

• One snap on the top right hand side of the Abdomen Armor:

• Back of male side of snap shows on outside of Abdomen Armor.

• Mandatory AB Rivet detail for P.O. and S.W.A.T. Officers

• Visible fasteners under lower Codpiece center area include one split rivet or brad in the front.

• Fasteners need not be functional.


Specific ammo pouches. Reproduction or original MP-40 ammo pouches are generally considered canon, made in either canvas or leather. Other acceptable names/designs include Stolla Wien, and the once common “Norwegian” green MP-40 pouches (shown – only acceptable for the shoulder pouch), made in leather. If using a green pouch for the shoulder they should be dyed or painted black or dark green. No canvas pouches for the hips. Also the more commonly available leather large Spanish pouch is not allowed, only Stolla Wien pouches or replicas.


• Visible fasteners under lower Codpiece center area includes two male snaps in the back.

• Fasteners need not be functional.



Legs: The knee ammobelt has to be attached via two split rivets, pop rivets aren´t allowed. The ends of the knee ammobelt have to be of an angular shape at the top and rounded at the bottom. Please add reference pic.


A sandtrooper’s weapon must meet the following to be deployed as an MEPD Police or SWAT Officer


Only one weapon is required for deployment.  The chosen weapon must meet the following…


Blastech E-11, aka Sterling SMG. Six t-tracks on the barrel, sight rail and scope. Hengsler Counter is optional, as it was not seen. If a Tunisian Bapty E-11 is the weapon of choice for PO already, no D-ring is required. No ESB or ROTJ greeblies are allowed. For SWAT the blaster must replicate a BAPTY E-11. A standard ANH or ESB E-11 is not allowed.


T-21 light repeating blaster, aka Lewis Gun. Ribbed barrel and either a canvas, leather or nylon sling matching color of screen used. White is not acceptable. There is no sight present on top where ribbing meets base but a bit of curled black cable. The blaster has to match the overall look of the WW I Lewis gun. For SWAT the T-21 blaster also needs to have the gas plug, greeblies on the barrel, a cleaning brush in stock and a 2 tone sling.


DLT-19, aka MG-34. T-tracks on the barrel which are wrapped by a wire on both ends, ammo box cover, and conical disk affixed to left side of thumb grip area. A Bapty version is encouraged and exists out a wooden stock and feeder section. This version is approvable for all levels.


MG-15. Too date, this weapon has not been cast and resold in any great quantity, nor are the exact scopes readily available. Generally speaking, ones seen are either completely fan-built from scratch or are real demilitarized weapons.




A sandtrooper must meet all the following to be deployed as an MEPD S.W.A.T. Officer




Member must currently be deployed as an MEPD Police Officer to be considered.


Weathering should be easily identifiable as the chosen trooper by comparison. Too little or too much weathering will not be allowed.


Pack, pauldron, and weapon combinations must match a specific trooper a seen on screen.

• CAPTAIN – Orange Pauldron TD breakdown

• NO RANK – Pauldronless TD breakdown

• PRIVATE – Black Pauldron TD breakdown

• SERGEANT – White Pauldron TD breakdown

Note: “pack-less” troopers such as the “stop that ship” trooper are allowed; however, packs are still required for Police Officer deployment.


Pauldrons must be of the accurate “puffy” variety. Older style/flat and brightly/off color pauldrons are not allowed.


Packs must have the appropriate details for the specific trooper which is being referenced. 

• CAPTAIN – Orange Pauldron TD breakdown

• NO RANK – Pauldronless TD breakdown

• PRIVATE – Black Pauldron TD breakdown

• SERGEANT – White Pauldron TD breakdown


Pouches must be of the correct construction, color, and materials as reference trooper.


Rubber gloves.


Latex or silicone (i.e., “soft”) hand plates.Note: “cheese grater” hand plates are allowed if used on the correct pack/pauldron/weapon configuration.


The backpack frame must match on screen visible details and may be made from PVC or aluminum.Only Karrimoror frames without visible joints matching the look of the original Karrimor are allowed. Furthermore no Tupperware ice cream cups are allowed as the caps of the battleship grey bottles, the shape has to be that of the originally used plunger rubber bottom part.


One snap on the top right hand side of the ab plate: back of male side of snap should show on outside of ab plate.


Visible fasteners under crotch area. Two (or 3) male snaps in the back and one split rivet or brad in the front. (not required to be functional)


Boots must be screen accurate in color and make; they cannot have a seam on the front.


FX armor and helmets, MRCE and/or ANHv2 helmets are not allowed.



Hasbro blasters are not allowed, even conversions. 

Only The Tunsian Bapty variant of the E-11 and DLT-19 are allowed.

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