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R1 T-21 let's discuss


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The top two images are the only i could find, so if you have one feel free to send it my way.


So the first thing i noticed (other than the black stock of course) was that the ribs start a little be further down the barrel as we are used to.


After the second strip and not the first. 

I also noticed that other than the ribs it has no greebles.

Its too blurry to see so i assume the flashlight is the standard one that we see on the E-11s.


I think its interesting that the strap is attached to the top on what looks like both ends.


The other image dosen't have a strap at all.

With this image i noticed that the rear sight seems to have been taken off and filed down or changed to be more low profile. 

Also, i don't mean to get too critical but the main barrel seems to be thinner that some of our home made props.

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