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Help promote the MEPD!


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Troopers, due to an increase in Rebel activity, the MEPD is up to its green lenses with paperwork...we need your help.  Our propaganda minister is looking for recruitment material that can be broadcast on social media.  With your help, we can promote the MEPD, help others join the elite force that makes us what we are, and most importantly, put down the Rebels forever.  We do get some great photos in the troop logs, however, this central location will make it easier to identify social media worthy material.

We are looking for any cool photos of you decked out in your dirty armor that are:

-in a cool location
-groups of Sandtroopers
-anything you think that would make a good social media post

Please include:

-your TD ID#
-a good caption for your post!
-(optional) your Instagram account name so we can tag you! (Thank you for the recommendation HenselMonster)

I know it probably goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway.  Let's keep it tasteful, and try to avoid any fan faces in the photos.  Some folks may not want their photos broadcast across the galaxy.

So troopers, hit us up with your best social media photos here!   We'll do our best to get them on Facebook and Instagram.  Thank you for your assistance.  

Through the sand and blood, we protect with honor and serve with pride!

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TD-6049, Ireland Garrison

"We came, we saw, we kicked it's Jawa's @ss!" *apologies Ghostbusters fans for probably mangling that quote!

"Different Cantina,same old story"

"Ok..so it's not technically the Falcon..but it still counts,right?"

And finally..I'm not in this one..but my girlfriend is the Jawa. Taken at Celebration London last year if anyone recognises themselves!

Sent from my R4 unit using Tapatalk

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TD-23676 &  TD-24419 City: Barcelona / Spain.   Premier Rouge One: Refresh




TD-23676 & TK-23587  City: Barcelona / Spain.  "Hello"




TD-23676 City: Barcelona / spain "Dirty Zone"


TD-23676 City: Barcelona / Spain "Camuflage"


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