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June / July 2017 Newsletter


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Welcome everyone to the June/July edition of the MEPD newsletter. Its been a big couple of months so I won't waste anymore time getting into it!

Just some quick housekeeping: from now on we will be publishing these newsletters on a bi-montly basis. So the next issue will be released Sept 1 and then every 2 months from then on.

We hope this will give us the freedom and time to write better articles and find more content that is relevant to the MEPD. Thanks everyone!

In this issue:

-Update from the Detachment Leader

-New information on the new CRLs joining the MEPD

-Troop of the month

- Henselmonster • TD-11787


Well, where to start….so many great and exciting things have happened the last couple of weeks.

One of the first exciting things was the finalisation of creating a patrol for all the female TD’s within the MEPD and the 501st, the Desert Foxes!! Behind the scenes our design team is already working on swag for the Desert Foxes so the ladies can represent themselves and the MEPD of course. So ladies, start filling the patrol with pic’s and reports!

One other thing that you’ve problably have noticed is that we have been snooping around on the FISD and have been working with them on a solution for the R1 Jedha troopers in all their variations. I must thank Deatrin, the DL of the FISD, for his input and keeping the conversation civilized and clean on the FISD forum. I myself have to thank you all for keeping it constructive as well here.

The decision that has been made is as follows, the Jedha sandtrooper and the Kyber variation will both be added to the ranks of the MEPD real soon. The CRL’s need to be completed but you’re free to start with a build if you want!

One other CRL that is currently under construction is the Special Edition Sandtrooper and we are hoping to have that done within a month from now.

So, if you have plans to start with one of these new armors you might end up in the CRL as the visual reference for the armor.

One other recent development is that we are in need for an extra pair of IT hands, so if you think you got what it takes give me or Strider a shout.

I’m really looking forward to new and exciting times for the MEPD with all these new developments!

And to all the US troops, I hope you all had an great 4th of july!!

Keep up the good work troops and move along for now….



What a month it has been for the MEPD. Finally the MEPD is growing out of Mos Eisley and setting up outposts all over the galaxy. Our newest additions will include two troopers from Jedha! Both the Kyber Crystal Sandtrooper and the Jedha Patrol Sandtrooper will become part of the Sandtrooper family. Not only are we setting up new outposts we are finally recognizing our special brothers…the Special Edition Sandtroopers. Adding 3 new CRLs to our detachment will take some time but for now lets review the differences between each of these new variations.

First up! The Special Edition Sandtrooper. Appearing in the 1997 Special Edition re-release of A New Hope, these troopers differ significantly from their 1977 counterparts. 



 The armor for these Sandtroopers is clearly modified Return of the Jedi armor, inducing the “squished” bucket, the overpainted all black frown, and armor trim. The armor is pretty heavily weathered especially when compared to the regular ANH Sandtrooper.  These troops carry what appears to be a ROTJ E-11. The pauldron seems to differ significantly as well. It is slightly shorter on the shoulder, and appears to be made from a matte black, almost neoprene material. I am sure our accuracy slueths will figure out the construction of these new pauldrons in no time. Some troopers carry the typical electrobinoculars, already included in the ANH CRL. Last but not least, the backpack. This is a whole new design for the sand trooper pack. Luckily we have pretty decent reference for them. These pack looks like they inspired the “Shock Trooper” now seen in Battlefront. 


It has been a long time coming, and we are happy to welcome this new trooper into our rank only 20 years after their first appearance! 

Next up! The Kyber Crystal Sandtrooper. These troopers appeared in Rogue One in the city of Jedha transporting Kyber crystals out of the city for the empire. 

Kybar trooper.jpg

The armor for this trooper is the exact same armor as the Rogue One Stormtrooper. It is lightly weathered. These trooper tend to carry a modified E-11 seen with most troopers in Rogue One. They wear Pauldrons very similar to the ANH sand troopers with some differences. In fact there are vendors out there already producing these pauldrons so they are easy to find! The pack they wear is quite different from a typical Sandtrooper. It is mostly a soft cloth on the outside with grenade holders in the center. There is a tall antenna extending from the pack as well. Builds have already begun on these packs and we look forward to more popping up as these CRLs are completed. 



Not only are we getting this trooper from Rogue one, but we will also be getting another Sandtrooper from the film. The Jedha Patrol Sandtrooper. 


These troopers are very similar to the Kyber troopers. They too are weathered and carry various weaponry. The biggest difference in these troopers would be their pack. There pack seems to be inspired by the classic Sandtrooper backpack. It is unique in its design and should be a fun pack to follow during builds. 


Its an exciting time for the MEPD. Keep coming back for more updates as we complete these new CRLs and start getting new troops added to our ranks!


- Henselmonster • TD-11787


June's Trooper of the Month is awarded to TD-30571/bigwam/Thomas. On June 15th to the 18th, Thomas attended Star Wars Days at Legoland Günzburg in Germany and participated with a large patrol of sandtroopers throughout the park. Keep up the great work, Thomas! 




- Airborne Trooper • TD-82573




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