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Found 4 results

  1. Decided to knock the dust off this sub-forum and create an official place for all WIP armor builds and help reaching Police Officer/Level 2 status. The Hurt locker has already been established for those reaching SWAT/Level 3. For anyone reading this and has recently opened their BBB and wanting to post their build, this is the section to do so! MEPD's Armorers are here to help!
  2. Hello everyone, Bones here again with another test fit and promotion photos for a Halloween event at the tattoo shop I work at (Crown and Dagger Tattoo) here in Lancaster, CA. So the apprentice taking the photos didn’t tell me my sniper knee plate was under my thigh or that my cod snaps were hanging or my ammo pouch slouching lol but I feel my progress on my fitmant is going well. Still being a little short to be a sandtrooper the backs of my knees have some nice pinch bruises so I’ll still need to shorten my shins. The abdomen is as high as I can get it to reach and my thigh snaps are also as high as they can go. Few more things I need would be a nice backpack and a BFG or just a blaster. Thanks for checking out my progress hoping to finish soon and submit my first go for approval If anyone wants to show off some of your progress on fitting and any tips please do, id love to see. -Bones
  3. OK time is ripe for another project, in this case, the backpack. Took some time to assemble everything, especially in this part of the world. But everything is finally in place. I have to thank @Strider a lot because i did bombard him with tons of questions and he has been very patient to provide me all the necessary info. Backpack i will emulate here is the "Move along" #3 trooper's backpack. Warning: Not for the faint of heart: A lot of bondos, not pretty by sight (at least not yet), as this is pure DIYs and DIYs are not always pretty. The Frame (vintage karrimor). Measured it at 0.774 in diameter. I had to source the red canvas as what i got was definitely not red. Pre fitting, accurate seedtrays are i believe thanks to @Strider. Who had shared with the sandy community close-to-screen accurate seedtrays. (pardon the mess, i know) Attached the red fabric onto it, painted the frame black: Gio Style Canteen. Closely followed @Airborne Trooper on the proper way to mod the canteen. Again, a lot of bondos. As for the top, i used a 1/2" hose pipe, inserted a marker (fit nicely) to properly shape it nice and straight. SHORT COMMERCIAL BREAK: if you ever need a close match to the Giostyle canteen, look no further, i introduce to you its brother: Lionstar canteen. Made in Indonesia, and i happen to supply them. (1:1 scale) BACK: Ammo shells (this will be irregular in shape). Coloring the seedtrays: RAL7031 is what i use. I must admit, i didn't expect to find that specific of a color in this part of the world. But here it is: RAL7031, Jotun brand. Sonix Radio, i got from @woodman . Modded a lot of stuff on the inside, as i want it to open and close (yet sturdy). Electronic chatter will be installed in the future. WARNING: ugly image to follow. Bear with me please Siphon, i will use a vintage Shires siphon. It IS a Shires' siphon; not saying this is THE one, it should be very similar to what the screen used (no conclusive evidence & info on how many variations Shires produced their siphons then). But judging from their shape & length, this should be "close to accurate". Left: Shires Siphon UP90, Right: Gordon's Last for now, my favorite, the water bottles. I sourced a lot of bottles but finally managed to settle on one type: 1500ml Loreal Shampoo. width should be +/- 9.5 cm . Mine: 9.6cm The height of the bottles, from end of the plunger, to the bottom of the bottles should be pretty near to +/- 20cm (might be shorter). I will have this cut to see how it'll match screen accurate wise. That's all for now. Constructive feedbacks are always welcomed. I hope i can wrap this up by the end of this week. Will post more. Thanks for watching.
  4. Hello everyone i just got approval for the forum and I'm looking forward to keeping you all up to date on my TD build. A couple of notes: Its mainly made up of an Anovos TK, Was originally planning to just go the TK route but i changed my mind. A couple of questions: Do i need a pauldron and backpack for basic approval? Does anyone know a good armor maker for slightly larger troopers, i could use a new set of shoulders and thighs to better fit my physique. Other than those things i am well on my way to completion. I will post photos after work. I have actually worn the armor a number of times as an unfinished TK for a few non 501st events. So much of the build is done. I still need to finish Calves, Thighs, Shoulder Straps, and weathering. Thanks in advance for all your help! Floyd
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