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Found 8 results

  1. It all started with this... a scooter part from my first lightsaber build when I was 10 years old! I've (obviously) been a long time STARWARS fan and have always wanted Imperial armour (of any kind really) and so back a couple years, after building some cheap, less than accurate helmets for practice, I decided to take the plunge and buy an armour kit. I managed to get my hands on some TE derived (I think?) armour for cheap. I was not exactly impressed with the quaility... Buy once, Buy right kids. So after assembling the arm pieces, I shrugged off my dissapointment and let the bumpy, warped lot of it sit in the shop for months... Until now. I didn't know what to do with it. It wasn't fitting me correctly and I wasn't about to sell it to someone else to be disapointed with it. But after seeing this guy in the background of RS Propmaster's videos I got thinking: "why not use the already less than prestine looking armour I have to make a beat up TD statue?" so I've decided to build it up to fit a manniquin that I will modify RS Props style, to hold the pose of the "Look sir, droids" TD. Since the scooter part ring is steel, I'll be inlaying some magnets in the fingertips of the mannequin to keep the ring in place As for my own personal armour I'll be buying an RS Props TK kit as soon as I can afford it Did I mention I'm a huge fan of RS Props? XD I'm not terribly well versed in all the differences between the TKs and TDs so I'm sure I'll be needing some helpful insight when building this one. I'm placing an order for the rest of the strapping and hardware I need from TrooperBay sometime this week along with the mannequin so I'll post an update when either or arrives. Until then any and all advice is appriciated! Thanks for checking this project out!
  2. It has been years ago since I posted a build thread here or any other forum, now I feel it’s time again... The ones that know me for longer know that i’m not a trooping member but mostly a Star Wars collector. Normally I have more than one project going on and most are long-time projects as i’m always trying to be as accurate as possible and I won’t show pictures until I’m happy with the result. After a long absence from prop building it looks like i’m Back in business and started working on TD stuff again... There will be a backpack build thread sooner or later but I decided to start with my Davin Helmet #1. Davin Helmet #1 because this might be the first of at least 3-4 Davin helmet builds. In the last past years I packed various helmets into storage while I took a break from prop building. In storage right now: Gino V2, Gino HDPE, RS Propmasters First run and a RS Propmasters HDPE helmet... I highly prefer Davin’s Helmet to all other TD helmets, mostly because of its more bright look, please let me know the correct english word for it! You know: And I have to admit that I fell in love on first sight when I found Art Andrews breathtaking Davin Felth replica over a decade ago. Heads up, Art! I’m still in love when I look at his old pictures and I really hope he will build a even better TD somewhen as he has sold this beauty years ago... For those who haven’t seen (where have you been?) here’s the https://tk386.com/backpacks/ I know we have new specs after all that was found in the last years but hey, it’s a Beauty nonetheless, right? Sooooo, I decided to start with the Gino V2 helmet, RS First run will be next.... ( and before you ask, I actually flipped a coin for this decision.... HDPE’s will be coming later...) Not too many pictures, but just a few sneak preview shots... Assembly was a real pain in the afterpart... don’t know if it was me or the cap and face were cut a little to tiny but it took me hours to get a look I can live with. Like I said I can be very anal about small details that matter to me, which might be completely irrelevant to others... MONK! I then started working on the eyes which are very specific on the Davin helmet.... Not completely finished yet but I think it’s a good start... what do you think? Frown cutting will be next before painting! I’m going for HDPE base color followed by red primer and finally paint chipped white... Keeping it as accurate as possible for now. (It hurts a little bit to even think of painting Gino’s helmets, they are just too gorgeous even without accurate paint! I have always been a fanboy for Gino’s helmets and armor... ) I hope to get back soon with updates.... (meanwhile keep an eye open for my upcoming backpack parts research or maybe backpack build thread - of course long-time project)
  3. So today marks the beginning of a new TD build thread. From what I've been informed the kit I have is a TE kit with an hdpe helmet. This is a whole new ball park for me after working on a fiberglass clone. I have read many threads and gotten advice from a few members, however I will still look here and the fisd for guidance. With that being said here is day one's progress. Unboxed Stared at for a very long time Back to forums to make sense of which pieces are which I have a firm idea of what parts go with what and how they attach. However the thighs are throwing me for a loop.
  4. Well, I figured it was about time that I officially become a part of MEPD. I have always wanted to be a Sandtrooper and since I now have the packs down, I think I am ready to go for it. I am going to post my progress on here so people can review and let me know how I am doing. While I have built over 75 packs in 1 year, I have only done a few armor sets. Of course, I will have to build as if I am going for SWAT, so accuracy and detail are going to be very important to me. This will not be a rushed build. I figured since many build threads have been lost, I could make this one very informative so it could possibly assists others with their first builds. I just received my armor today from Jason Hill. He makes excellent armor and he also provides many of the pieces for the packs that I build. Armor: Jason Hill Pack: Crookknight's Imperial Trooper Packs Boots: Crow Props - Giovanni Rodriguez Pouches - Crow Props - Giovanni Rodriguez Pauldron - Crow Props - Giovanni Rodriguez Replica Sonic 75 Radio - SandieComms - Ian Havenhand DLT-19 - Hyperfirm T-21 - Custom Build (not by me) Here is the package I received today:
  5. Hello all! I recently bought a TD armor from Walt's (WTF) as he had a kit available to ship last Friday. I got it today and I'm excited about it. As this is my very first kit, I am also very intimidated as I need to do everything from scratch without a diagram or labels on the parts. Also, I need to buy all the tools and fasteners. I am aiming for SWAT approval but may settle for a Police Officer as I do not want to be tied to one character. I ordered the orange and white pauldrons and will be ordering different pouches. I also plan to get a E-11 and DLT-19 blasters. I'm leaving the backpack for the very last. First thing I will be doing is buying the tools to start trimming the excess stuff and order some brackets and the masking decal for the helmet. Anything else I need to do or buy especially before the build process? I need all the help I can get!
  6. Hey all, New to the forum, wanting to get an armor build going. What are your thoughts on this Airsoft E-11 replica? http://www.evike.com/products/61969/ This is not entirely new as the sterling has been around for some time. I know some dimensions (grip) are off as well. Just curious if this would work for trooping & approval. Thanks!
  7. So I found this supply list on the FISD page; Elastic- 1 inch wide black for shoulder bells, etc. (4 ft.) 2 inch wide white for ab/back plate shoulder connection (1 ft.), 1 inch wide white for drop boxes, (1 ft.) 1/4 inch wide white (1 ft.) for shoulder straps. Nylon strapping- 1 inch wide black, at least 6 to 8 ft. long. 2 inch wide black (48 inches) for high tension areas if you are using the double snap method. (NP) Before I go out and buy all this nylon and elastic. I wanted to know how these supplies might vary for a sand trooper build since our belts and shoulder straps are both different from a white armor build.
  8. Hey folk's i am still rather new. But i have got my very first kit! Partially,i am paying for part's separately and i got so far my armour for my Sand-trooper armour. (All that is missing is pauldren,helmet,boots etc i just got the basic armour) So want i need help for is assembling. I am finding it great trouble getting over the fear of making a mistake,measuring wrong on my armour,How do you folk's get over the fear of this? Also i am finding it hard to get any sort of proper tutorials on armour assembly of the sand-trooper armour,as i want to be as accurate as possible (Gagues from piano wire,rivets,measurments etc) And the last problem i am facing is that i do have a rather big body type,And want to close off the sides of my armour,When i test-fitted it (uncut) I found out i have a large gap on the side's. I found out from the forms i can close these off with attaching the same kinda plastic under the armour,and making it flush on top with possible putty or some sorts to fill in the small gap. So dose anyone know where i can find extra ABS plastic for this enough so i just have to deal with the gaps on the armour insted of making multiple gaps. I am just finding it hard really to jump into it all. Any sorta tips would help,As time is of the essance for me as i am trying to organise to buy some of the essential parts so i can attend "For the Love of the force" Convention in manchester (as i study away as well i only have some weekends to at least assemble the armour) Thanks.
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