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  1. so here's where I'm at The mannequin is about 6' but the armour (which is just taped in place) seems to fit it well. The next post will hopefully have me starting the strapping for the arms
  2. Hey TM! I actually already follow you on Facebook, I didn't realize you built yours the same way as originals, I will take another look thanks
  3. Ok mannequin is on the way along with nearly all the straps I need. I've been doing a lot of research on building the actual armour (previously I've only seriously studied helmets) and I've been noticing that most everyone builds their armour the "ESB" way (torso clam shell) I would like to build mine as close to ANH screen used armour as possible. How were they built (if they were built differently) for ANH?
  4. Thank you! I'll certainly be trying out some of your weathering methods as I'm really impressed with them
  5. It all started with this... a scooter part from my first lightsaber build when I was 10 years old! I've (obviously) been a long time STARWARS fan and have always wanted Imperial armour (of any kind really) and so back a couple years, after building some cheap, less than accurate helmets for practice, I decided to take the plunge and buy an armour kit. I managed to get my hands on some TE derived (I think?) armour for cheap. I was not exactly impressed with the quaility... Buy once, Buy right kids. So after assembling the arm pieces, I shrugged off my dissapointment and let the bumpy, warped lot of it sit in the shop for months... Until now. I didn't know what to do with it. It wasn't fitting me correctly and I wasn't about to sell it to someone else to be disapointed with it. But after seeing this guy in the background of RS Propmaster's videos I got thinking: "why not use the already less than prestine looking armour I have to make a beat up TD statue?" so I've decided to build it up to fit a manniquin that I will modify RS Props style, to hold the pose of the "Look sir, droids" TD. Since the scooter part ring is steel, I'll be inlaying some magnets in the fingertips of the mannequin to keep the ring in place As for my own personal armour I'll be buying an RS Props TK kit as soon as I can afford it Did I mention I'm a huge fan of RS Props? XD I'm not terribly well versed in all the differences between the TKs and TDs so I'm sure I'll be needing some helpful insight when building this one. I'm placing an order for the rest of the strapping and hardware I need from TrooperBay sometime this week along with the mannequin so I'll post an update when either or arrives. Until then any and all advice is appriciated! Thanks for checking this project out!
  6. It's a lot more dirty in person I can't seem to be able to get it on camera
  7. I'm not much of a photographer but I thought these turned out ok if a bit blurry and overexposed XD It's especially apparent this is a recast helmet on the ears. Very soft detail
  8. Hello all, I've posted the full build for this helmet on the FISD here if interested -----> https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/49659-first-helmet-build-anh-move-along-td-finished/?tab=comments#comment-697654 I figured it needed some dirt to truly emulate the "move along" helmet I used dollar store acrylic paints and a few hours and for a first try I'm fairly happy with the result I have a set of armour (I spell that way because I'm from Canadaland) in the mail and I'm torn on weather or not to make a TK or TD. After seeing some of the builds on here I'm leaning TD
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