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  1. Well done Bjorn! You are inspirational. I have a long road ahead of me to emulate this same trooper. Looking forward to perhaps meeting you one day
  2. Thanks Bjorn! That’s a huge help. Your picture also shows how much the lunchbox overhangs the side of the seedtrays. I’m so glad to see your pack used in the ‘official’ backpack #2 resources thread. When in doubt I am using your pack as my point of reference because of the amount of research you have put in to it. Best wishes, Stewart
  3. Hi Bjorn, I’ve now begun my backpack build and would welcome your thoughts on the hose that comes out of the top left box. Where did you put the other end of it? I am thinking about making a hole in the top of the seed tray to feed it into. Having looked at the original film footage it is hard to pick out how this is dealt with. What did you do with your build? Thanks, Stewart
  4. Thanks Hausi.......here’s my stubby bee sting in its rough form Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Hey Hausi, Thanks for the advice. Glad to know I’m not the only one who had trouble. Well done for persevering. I think I will just leave it attached and mask it. I’ve just done the bee sting for it using Bjorn’s Photo of his 3D printed stubby for backpack #2. Just need to fill it and sand ready for primer. Tried to attach photo but being told the file size is too big
  6. Hi, I read the guide but it says the parts come apart fairly easily with care. Sorry no picture, but I wasn’t near my workshop when I posted. I am referring to the light brown coloured top part of the bottle. I was only removing it to make spraying easier, so I’m probably just going to mask it off. It was just frustrating because everyone else seems to have managed to disassemble theirs. Thanks for the reply
  7. Howdy folks, Could do with some suggestions, as I’ve run into some trouble separating the parts of my canteen. The bottom came off reasonably well. I prised it slowly all the way round until the glue gave way. The problem has been the top part. It is glued in so strongly that I am damaging the dark green plastic case trying to lever it off. Just wondering if anybody else has had the same problem or has another solution. I’ve butchered it quite a bit already and am trying to avoid damaging it any more. Help!
  8. I’m just about to begin building this pack as my very first attempt. Just started my WIP on UKG, and I’m using the black pauldron Sandie from the Alley Check scene as my reference. The radio is not the Sonix 75 victory but a different style completely. Not sure what it was that they originally used, or if it was something knocked up by the props department. So I’d have to agree that this is not correct.
  9. Hi Bjorn, I have only just got into this scene after years of considering it. I am just about to build my very first costume (which had to be a Sandie) and have been researching exactly the same backpack. Thank you for leading the way with this outstanding piece of work. I am starting with the pack first and am busy accumulating all the necessary parts. Your thread has provided some great references and deep insight in to this build. I am a true novice so looking to research and learn as much as possible. Thank you again! Cheers, Stewart
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