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  1. i am not disappointed just wondering what needed to be done for PO, i am super happy getting approved especially the first magma! As i am still new to all these phrases and words i just need examples Pictures help me the most as i have a visual representation of what needs to be done. I am aware of the belt as UKG pointed it out and i am going to amend that. If you would be so kind and help me with this and see if there can be any work arounds as i dont really want to replace any more parts at the moment. So if there is any changes i can do without forking out money for parts that would be great I am also waiting for a induction troop with UKG so that might be a few months as there is nothing close at the moment. Thank you for you help!
  2. ok thank you, here are some pictures, i forgot these ones were not on here. i can see what is meant by ""overlapping" now, is this the same for the front? as at the moment i just have buttjoined and cover strips all over
  3. Ok, should be able to do that eventually, just to confirm. The cover strip will need to be completly removed or can it stay and just cut the edge of one side?
  4. awesome stuff, out of curiosity how close am i to PO? having a break from spending on the trooper for a little bit as i need to finish my Groot costume next
  5. done also is it still meant to say "pending" where MEPD is?
  6. And i am now approved and officially the first magma how would i go about for a magma PO? is it the same as a sandy?
  7. awesome! thank you and that is great to be the first!
  8. Requesting access with my Magmatrooper TD 66196 Tom Hobby https://www.501st.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=17523 (think i did this correct..)
  9. Just done the last changes that were requested! put in for clearance with UKG now the wait begins!
  10. i am hoping to by next week as the last parts came all i have to do is weather them then off for clearance with UKG. Also once approved with UKG what do i do? just request here for clearance?
  11. ok, i have contacted the guys at UKG as to what will happen so should know soon what to do
  12. ah, saw a post on the group FB page so thought it was all sorted
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