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  1. Oh, don't get me wrong...I LOVE screen accurate stuff!! I am just thinking about wearing these things out and making them look more like real military packs, maybe swap tape out for straps, etc. Just ultimately curious if anyone has done it. -david
  2. Has anyone on here made their own version of the field pack? Or even made a cleaned up version of the known screen used packs. I was thinking about making a custom field pack using some of the classic found parts but with my own touches, maybe some found surplus parts and other bits and bobs that makes it a bit more "real world". Just curious if anyone has done this and would like to share some photos. I don't plan to go for SWAT or anything so could be fun. -david
  3. I have two extra sets of cam buckles (6 buckles per set) for the "bed roll" straps if anyone is in need.....shoot me a PM -david
  4. $82 is for 2 of them...if you can find someone else that needs one you can split the damage.... I am using my second for a "Solo" variant that the Mimban Stormtroopers seem to have. I also have an extra Norwegian grenade case that makes an excellent libation holder.
  5. Unfortunately, I haven't found a source in the US. I ordered a pair of NGT's through eBay. Shipping was more than the product but they are pretty cheap to begin with. I believe the total amount was £60....about $82. But you could sell the second one off to recoup some of your investment. -david
  6. I have already started on this pack and can't wait to start on a R1 TK/TD!
  7. Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the obsolete float fishing rod?
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