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  1. Update: I just figured out that the Vallejo colors you listed are paints rather than pigment powders. Again.. THANKS!
  2. Sounds great, sir, and thanks for the tips!
  3. Thank you, Ers! Once I get the pigments is there a specific tutorial here you can suggest for applying them? I read a few that suggested sealing them with hairspray, but I am thinking a clear-coat of non-yellowing enamel spray would work best. Any thoughts? Danke!
  4. Much appreciated, Thomas! I looked at the colors on the Vallejo site here, but could not seem to find those particular ones on their list. Could they possibly be under different names? Any on their site that are similar to the ones you suggested? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, Looking for some advice on which fullers earth colors to use for weathering. I believe 3 colors would be needed (gray, brown, yellow) and have some examples below, but if they need to be lighter/darker please let me know, and any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks! Gray: (Gray ocher) Brown: Yellow:
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