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  1. Here's one from a Royal Doulton toilet - the owner says it's pretty old - tubes are not correct though. thanks, jack
  2. I recieved my copy a couple of days ago - Tue I think thanks, jack
  3. It's very hard to see what's exactly going on in the picture by TK-459 -To me it looks as if the lower diaphram on the right side is missing the ribbs that go around it and the tube on the left does not seem to get larger as it goes down. But both of those problems could be because of the photograph angle and DPI and not because the part is actually missing the ribbs or any other has any other problem. Thanks, jack v.
  4. When I was searching the web for this part I ran into many forums for repair in the U.K. - maybe one of those could help - I was searching on Google. jack
  5. Mike - that sounds cool - flex foam - Resin would be way too heavy. Boy I hope someone turns one up so you can make a mold of it. This might sound like a stupid question but why is it only possible to find this part in the U.K. - I understand it will not be found in the USA but maybe it was used in toilets in other European countries - France, Germany, Italy? thanks, jack
  6. Dear Rocko, Sounds good to me! Maybe you (the Moderator) should start the list according to the responses to this thread? thanks, jack
  7. Guys - If one of you in the U.K. find the part from a plumbing supply shop I would like to purchase one from you. Thanks, jack v. RedFox@optonline.net
  8. Dear Mike, Me and my girlfriend are lol about your statement - I'm reproducing vintage toilet parts!!!! - lol - who would have known that they got the part from a toilet. jack
  9. Hey guys - check this out! I found it here: http://www.heatandplumb.com/acatalog/To ... yphon.html If someone in the U.K. picks one up - could you post better pictures. Thanks, jack
  10. lol hay we call it the downward spiral!!! jack
  11. What is that part called (in the U.K.) and what is it exactly used for in the toilet? Thanks, jack
  12. The Armor Looks Really Cool - Congrats. jack v. RedFox@optonline.net
  13. Did you guys ever notice that the Stormtrooper on the Left side is missing his button box on the center of the ab plate? If you look at the Hi-Res of this picture you will see the sandtrooper open box area. Thanks, Jack V. Redfox@optonline.net
  14. Where did you get the T-track for the front cooling jacket of the Sterling? thanks, jack
  15. Yup - he assembled it - an amazing job too. thanks, jack
  16. Hey, I just finished uploading to photobucket - but I see you guys have already done the work for me - sorry about the spam. Thanks, jack v. Redfox@optonline.net
  17. If you tell me how to do that - I'll be glad too. thanks, jack
  18. Here's my New TM Armor - I believe the most ANH Accurate armor you can get!!!! I love it! I have owned 5 other sets of armor - Marco Entertainment, FX, 2 GF sets, SDS, and now TM. His armor is the greatest. Click here for a photo gallery Please excuse the missing neck seal - I need to get a new one. Also, in the shots of me with the armor on - I'm wearing my SDS hand armor because I did not have time to attach my new TM hand armor to the gloves. Also - TM informed me that I have the lower arms on the wrong sides and should be swapped - (right should be on the left and Left should be on the right). Please wait for the pictures to load - I'm sure you'll love what you see - No other armor is THIS ANH accurate! (I will leave the parts pictures up for only 1 week - I'm sorry but it's just alot for my server. Thanks, Jack RedFox@optonline.net EDIT: Here's an easier way for folks to see these amazing pictures for now. - Mike1536 Click here for a photo gallery
  19. 1970s

    SDS armor

    Hey - I own a set of that shiny armor - it's so milky white I feel like having a glass of milk every time I look at it. LOL jack v
  20. 1970s

    SDS armor

    I know what you mean Mike. They don't want to pay anyone at the lower levels in the toy industry anything decent. All the money stay up with the Big Wigs and the Sales Reps! You just end up being a pair of hands for your boss. I have since left the industry and Work with my Dad and brother in Construction - we build residental homes here in CT. It's been a lot less stressful. Thanks, jack v.
  21. 1970s

    SDS armor

    Hahaahahahahha- LOL jack
  22. 1970s

    SDS armor

    Dear Mike, I went to art school - I'm a graduate of FIT Toy Design School. I am living proof that someone can do art work through skill without talent. I was very interested in toys and I learned to produce art work through skill - being taught how. I went to school with some individuals who were very talented! They were to type of people who didn't need any type of formal art training they were born with the talent. Art school just refined their skills. When you work in commercial art - those who are talented make beautiful work very quickly and don't need to labor over their work. Below is a couple of drawings I did in Toy Design School. Thanks, jack v. RedFox@optonline.net
  23. 1970s

    SDS armor

    Dear BraksBuddy Don't get me wrong - I have no beef with any of the makers - and am not trying to say they are talentless individuals. I just feel that everyone talks about them as if they sculpted the armor. The fact remains that they copied a set of armor - weather it is from an original ROTJ set or ANH - that's all they have done. If you go on Jez's sight - there is some guy who sculpted up the whole C3PO costume and got it vac-metalized - it looks perfect - Now that's Talent!!! Now I would agree that there is talent if any of these individuals could adjust the ROTJ armor and turn it into accurate ANH armor - but I have yet to see that. Anyone can make claims - Heck, I could say I own the original ANH armor that Han Solo was wearing - but unless I show real photos that can back up my claims - it doesn't mean anything. Gino is claiming his current set of armor is perfect - and it might be. I've seen photos of what I guess is an older version - that was near perfect but still had details that were not accurate to ANH. He said he is going to show us photos of his current armor - and I'm sure he will - but until then I am skeptical of all who claim they have correct ANH armor - especial TE, TE2, AP, and SDS - because they don't. By the way - you've got a great website. Thanks, Jack V. RedFox@optonline.net
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