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  1. My caps arrived! very cool and easy to remove - I thought I was going to need to cut them off. Did the tool box arrive yet? I can't wait to see!
  2. I'm not really sure of the size - I don't have one in hand - but it is 16 oz. Though, the problem with this bottle is if you look about and inch above the bottom - there is a seam that is running around the cylinder - not correct. But maybe there was another company that produced something similar years ago. Also, there are CO2 containers (16 oz.) that are similar - but the top edge is more rounded than this.
  3. I'm thinking the bottle is something like this - these type of gas bottles might have been sold in a plumbing supply back in the day for the torch that was used for copper piping. I'm not saying that this is the one but maybe there is a company that has (had) the right specs for the backpack bottle. See picture.
  4. I see now - they screwed into that very small cap - interesting radius on the top of the bottle.
  5. Just a thought - but maybe the screw is a long screw that has a nut at the bottom of the bottle (underneath)? Has anyone ever seen a lower shot of the original bottle on the backpack?
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    No problem - use any you want - if you need more just let me know. j
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    OK - if you see those white spots on the 2 sides and top of the radio - those are openings in the plastic body and the white you are seeing is the cardboard backing card of the vinyl cover. On the upper right and left sides - you can see 2 screws coming in on each side - those are to the strap brackets - there is a cheap flat piece of metal that the screws are going through to hold them in place - The company was too cheap to even use a nut! You know I did even bother to check if this thing works yet. But I guess that doesn't really matter! j
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    Oh - something I forgot to mention. This radio was in the "HAM" Radio section as a reciever. Don't know if anyone is familiar with "HAM" Radio's but I think it's something anyone could by and broadcast themselves - at a limited range - and just like normal radio, anyone with a HAM radio could pick up the broadcast. This radio is a 5 band radio which leads me to believe that the seller put it in the correct section and it is a HAM Radio reciever (meaning it could recieve HAM radio broadcasts) but not send them. I hope this helps in your searches. j
  9. 1970s


    OK - if anyone wants me to take any specific measurements or photos let me know - I will be glad to post them. Obviously this is a Canadian version of the sonix victory radio. It definately is the cheapest *** radio I've ever seen - the rear panel is chip-board covered with vinyl and snaps to close it up. The vinyl on the sides is not a removable cover - it is glued on. There is no "D-ring" on the side of this version, also the type is a little different, the radio dial is differnet, and the logo is on the opposite side of the Sonix Victory radio. - the Logo spot is a slight inset in the plastic aswell. I came across this by accident on ebay - I was searching for a vintage 1967 12" GIjOE Tank commander radio - and this came up in the search. I couldn't believe it. Here is the auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/300611235042?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 When I found the auction there was only about 4-5 hours left and it had no bids and was at .99 cents. http://www.ebay.com/itm/North-Star-Swing-Interlectronic-Ltd-Hongkong-5-Band-Radio-GI-Joe-Style-R-R-/300609506284?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item45fdb90bec I made the mistake of writing the guy if he would close the auction and sell it out right to me - he closed the auction and relisted it with a buy it now for $75.00. I made some comparision photos to some items I purchase here - the radio face is a little smaller and the metal box is actually very close in size (see my photos above). The bumps on the bottom are a stand. The "TUN" "VOL" and "AM/FM" squares are all the same height and lower than the other 3 squares "POWER" "TONE" + DIAL are the same height. The TUN knob also on this version does not have the holes at the second flat level. The Radio is approx 7" 4/16 wide - that measurement is from the endges of the plastic - not the outer measurements of the vinyl cover. It's 8" 9/16 tall. The speaker is approx 3" 9/16 in diameter. Thanks, J
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    When it arrives I'll give you guys more information. j
  11. I just found these photos - (more hi res): I think you can clearly see the seam on the white pauldron all the way on the right (the seam is running through the dirt patch) and obviously the center guy has no seam. These photo are not as good - but you see each of the 2 different white pauldrons standing next to each other. j
  12. I think you need to seperate white pauldrons into seams + no seams pauldrons. Number 4, 5, and 7 are white pauldrons that have no seams. A side note - #1 (look sir droids) you never actually see a weapon on him - in the movie or publicity shots. Also, What about the dewback rider? j
  13. Well I'm a little lost - what's the diff. if they are in a shot together - there are obviously 2 diff. ones both shown on screen. There were obviously only 6 pauldrons used - 2 orange, 2 black w/ white bottoms, 1 white with seams and white bottom, 1 white no seams with black bottom. If your going to argue you can see one but not the other from scene to scene - and disreguard pub. shots - I don't know what to tell you. Well in the next shot - here is the guy without seams: if you notice the white pauldron guy to the far right is the pauldron with seams - I guess your going to say - well I can't see the seams (which is true because of the quality of the photo - but if you look close - the dirt pattern (detail) on the pauldron matches the dirt pattern as the guy with seams from the previous shot. (the dirt pattern I'm speaking of is just above the MG34 on the second sandtrooper - pauldron with seams) So is that not the 2 diff. white pauldrons in the same shot??? j
  14. All I'm basicly saying is: 1) Black Pauldron - are white (NO SEAMS) turned upside down 2) White Pauldrons - need to be seperated into: A. With Seams. - Only version seen close up on a dewback and are white on both sides. B. WithOut Seams. - never seen in a close up shot or pub. pic on a dewback and are black (dark) on the bottom. This could have something to do with rank or the fact that only one is seen mounted on a dewback (even though its a publicity shot because there are no close ups in the movie). j
  15. OK - I see what your saying now - There are 6 original pauldrons and the guy with seams is in the forground during the "Look Sir Droids" scene. But since the dewback rider is to far out of shot in the film - I feel - the press pictures are what we should be going on for his pauldron. I do agree it was probably the non-seam white pauldron he is wearing but out of the 2 pauldrons - it might have been considered the "Stunt" version and that's why they used the seams for the press shots. Here is a photo before they enter the falcon bay - you can see the white with seams + the white without - I understand this picture is taken in the U.K. where the scene was shot but the pauldrons - meaning differences seen in the tunisa pictures are all represented between this scene and the docking bay shots. Trooper #2 has no seams - and trooper #1 has the seams on his pauldron. j
  16. I assume your talking images from the 1997 special edition - in the original I don't think the dewback rider was ever close enough to the camera to tell anything about his pauldron. The only images of what the original Dewback riders are wearing are from the promotional shots and the behind the scences shots - inwhich he's wearing a white pauldron with seams. I don't count any images from the 1997 special edition - the sandtrooper costumes are not correct - they are wearing ROTJ style armor and the backpacks are not correct - besides the fact they did a really bad job on the weathering. If we count the special edition stuff - they MEPD.COM would allow it's deployed costumers to wear ROTJ armor and be a sandtrooper. If I have it wrong and your not talking about images from 1997 special edition - could you post the image your talking about. j
  17. Well here's another 2 questions for the Sergeant - White Pauldron TD breakdown thread in this section: 1)Is the White pauldron with sew lines the same rank as the white pauldron without sew lines?? or because the trooper with sew lines is riding the dewback - maybe they are the same rank but the sew lines stand for a mounted/cavalry trooper and the other guy is an infantry trooper??? 2) the breakdowns don't seperate the equipment and weapons for the troopers with white pauldron sew lines and the troopers without white pauldron sew lines. jack
  18. Hey Guys, I started looking a more ANH sandtrooper photos and I noticed that the Black Pauldron is the white turned upside down. Some of the pictures below are from behind the scences - you'll notice that the black pauldron is white underneath on the sandtrooper on the right. But you will notice that the sandtrooper on the left has a white pauldron with a White bottom. You will also notice that the Black pauldron sandtrooper has the strap connector attached to the bottom of the pauldron - the white + orange pauldron have this strap connector on the top. These photos show the White pauldron - White on top and on the bottom. These photos show a white pauldron with a black bottom - sandtrooper on the left rear of squad This photo shows a white pauldron with No Seams in the white area - Sandtrooper in center with E-11 blaster This Behind the secens photo shows 2 black pauldrons with strap arm straps connected underneath - all other pauldrons are connected on the top, The guy with the white pauldron on the left side of the photo has no seams in the white area (the same as the photo above), and the dewback rider wearing the white pauldron with seams - his pauldron has white on the bottom side Let me know what you think. jack
  19. I'm probably wrong - but when looking at the ref. photos in the post above - the black pauldron looks like a white turned upside down. The second photo (sandtrooper profile view) it looks like there is white on the bottom side above his shoulder. j
  20. WOW!!! I'm speachless Rolf. I'm very sorry this has happened to you and I hope you all the best. I don't know how old your wife is but maybe after some time she realize the mistake she's made with you and your son and try to rectify all this. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel a little better. Your a good dude and you'll get through this. All the best, jack
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