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The weathering of the cantina's sergeant

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Hey guys, how to know the weathering of the white pauldron trooper in the cantina?, Because we barely see the helmet, part of the backpack and... half the rifle?.


Any help with this will be much appreciated


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Since I personally assume that most armors/characters interchanged armor parts, helmets and backpacks we can’t say 100% positively which configuration this specific troopers wears in that scene.

BUT comparing this specific trooper with various other scenes, I’m confident to say he wears definitely this backpack...


Simply because it is missing the upper white top of the mortar tube and comparing other backpack parts.

He also wears this shoulder pauldron...


Judging by the weathering shown on the available pictures.


Just go through all available reference pictures and take a very close look at the details and you might find out even more. That is just what I was able to see on a first look...   :salute:

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