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ROTJ TK willing to go dirty!!

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Ok so I just finished making my ROTJ armor, and I decided to weather it because I like the dirty Endor look. It came to my attention recently that no one has made a SE/BF2 HWT yet, so I'm thinking why not me? I'm already 90% there! Before I go on here's a few pictures of the armor right now:




I'm not sure if I put the pictures in the post right, but I hope you all can see it! Last pic is with my dad, who really helped me with the build until I eventually fully took over, props to him or I'd never be here!


Anyways I would like to try to be the Legion's First SE sandy, but I'm gonna need help. Where do I get the backpack and pauldron? is there anything about my armor that needs to be altered for an SE? How much will this all cost? etc. 

I may want to try to do this, but being the first person to make a new armor seems really hard; I'm gonna need all the help I can get from you guys, since you have all already researched it. Thanks in advance, I can't wait to do this!!

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Awesome work, looking great!...and the happy face is priceless:D 

There is one trooper who has already put a lot of dedication and research into his buid, have a look at it here (just in case you haven't already seen it) :



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