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*Attention* PO-CRL´s for the R1 Jedha Trooper

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In cooperation with yoshix, the following CRL's for the PO status of the R1 Jedha Troopers were worked out:


·         Ear bars have four bumps only.

·         Head opening has black trim running all along the edge.

·         Brow trim should be positioned 1/4" above the eyes.

·         Ear screws must not have a visible slot mark and be flush to the ear.

·         Any gap between the ears and helmet will only appear to be a seam, not any bigger.

·         Chin section has a well defined seam from the angles of the mouth.

·         Only 12 tube stripes per side are allowed.

·         The Tube stripes are completely hollowed out with a blue section underneath.

·         Rank bar area on ear must be of the correct RO style and pattern, no ANH style ear bumps allowed.

·         Frown wire screen mesh is dark grey in color, and there is nothing behind it that closes

·         If you use a Hasbro Black Series helmet – all gaps must be closed, also the battery compartment


·         The Pauldron must match the model in terms of color and appearance

·         no stickers and patches are allowed



·         no stickers and patches are allowed

Hand Plates:

·         Hand guards shall be made of plastic.

·         and guards should follow the correct RO shape, ANH hand guards are not acceptable.


·         Gloves shall be made of a nylon material.

·         Palms of gloves shall be shiny black fabric or leather or leather-like material.

·         On the index finger shall be a stitched piece of fabric made from the same material as the hand's underside that is stitched around the finger.

·         Has one cutout towards the end of the finger that reveals the netted material underneath.

·         Gloves shall have the correct leather pattern along the fingers/palm.

·         No rubber gloves are allowed


Chest Armor:

·         There are raised trapezoids at the top of the shoulder section beneath which the straps insert.

·         The chest and back shall be connected by black extensions pieces

·         Top pectoral out lines swoop correctly outward.

·         Bottom of ribcage flares correctly outward.

Back Armor:


·         Top of box wall shall have a trapzoidal indentation at the top

·         There is a roughly 8mm circular indent near the right top corner of the back plate

·         Bottom of back plate is curved and extends past the kidney plate

·         The O cog shall have 16 spines

·         The 11 bards have raised lines on one end.



·         Any gap between the abdomen and kidney armor is no more than 1/2" (12.5mm) wide.

·         Any shims used to achieve this effect are of a similar material and color as the abdomen and kidney armor. Shims fit flush and seams are allowed.

·         There are two vertical notches on either side of the front vertical bar that connect to the ab plate details, approximately 1" long.

·         The cod armor is seperate from the ab plate.

·         Button details are recessed and bordered with a thin edge

·         The right front raised area is rectangular with correct raised detail, unlike ANH

Cod Armor:


·         The cod shall be a seperate piece from the ab plate.

Kidney Armor:


·         The kidney armor is closed in the back by a rectangular plate



·         There shall be no smaller square buttons present like on ANH belts.

·         It is entirely made of plastic in two pieces, with the halves joining directly in the middle of the wearer's side waist. The rear half overlaps the front half's ends.

·         Belt has indents and tabs along the outside belt boxes to sit flush against the ab plate.

·         Drop boxes shall be connected to the belt via black Velcro, not white.

·         The ammo boxes across the front are all made separately from the main belt and are secured to it.

·         The ammo boxes on the very left and right of the belt are more square instead of rectangular like the center ammo boxes, and the 2nd to last ammo box is a more fat rectangular shape versus the regular rectangular shape of the center boxes.

Thighs & shins:

·         Ammo belt and sniper plate is secured using glue, no visible rivets shall be present


·         There is no seam present on the front of the boot.

·         Completely black soles that are all 1 piece, with no separation at the heel. It is a completely straight sole.

·         The wearer's inner side of the boots have zippers,  no Chukka boot elastic (like on the ANH Jodhpur boots for example)



·   black stitched material, either one-piece or two-piece construction with no visible zippers or logos/designs

·   stiching to give a ribbed effect around the knees, elbows and shoulders.


·         the backpack must closely resemble the ones on screen:

·         Comprised of two main boxes, that are the approximate width of the Back Armor.

·         Correct bend on frame.

·         No personal liberties such as LED lights, etc.

·         Correct backpack parts

·         Hard antenna, no soft rubber antenna allowed. 

             -     Strapless, no connecting strapping visible.


  •  Blaster shall be based on a real or replica Sterling. Folding Stock does not need to function.
  • D-Ring shall be present on the rear end cap.
  • Scope shall be a real or replica M38 Telescope. 1943 model is preferred
  • Counter shall be a real or replica Hengstler 400 Series Counter. Eagle logo is preferred
  • R1 Power cylinders are preferred over ANH style
  • Flashlight shall be a real or replica Element M300A Mini Scout Light
  • 6 rows of T-Tracks cover the Sterling receiver holes expect for the left row with the bayonet lug.




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