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Beware...Noob questions ahead! You've been warned!

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Hey all,

If you're still reading, I appreciate it. :duim: I'm hopefully going to put a bunch of noob questions in one post to try and spare you all. I've been reading here and FISD over the weekend, and it's all starting to run together a bit. :6:

As I mentioned in the Introduction thread, I'm finally ready to move forward with a TD build, and shooting ultimately for SWAT level...and planning to model it after the Cantina Version Captain.

I contacted Rob over at RT-Mod for a suit of armor and helmet, but he's anticipating a mid-2017 delivery for new orders. :blink: As I'm larger than the typical UK actor circa 1976, (I'm 6', about 225#, 44 chest and 36-38 waist and a 7-5/8 hat), I'm considering other options while I wait. I've read the post about armor types/makers at FISD, but granted it's a bit confusing for someone just coming in, and I don't know how current that information actually is.

In the meantime, I'd like to get ordering some of the other items. I've got a pair of TKBoots on their way already. I've got a PM into trooper1 regarding a pauldron (i'm not able to post/reply in the market place as yet).

I've been looking at some of the items trooperbay has listed:

Gloves and flexible handguards (Karin isn't making them anymore)

Black undersuit

Neck seal

Are his items good enough for SWAT level? Anything to stay away from?

And speaking of SWAT, are the Hyperfirm DL-19's good to go out of the box?

That's about all I can think of off the top of my head.

Thougts, suggestions, tips, tricks, and assistance greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading this far!


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You're next best option for bigger troopers is AM2.0 kit. Check the On-going sale at FISD as JustJoseph has recently taken over the job of providing flexible hand guards. I have a pair of his on my flight gloves I like to troop with and they are great. I have a custom flatter pair from Karin that I use on my chemical gloves. Joseph may be able to do a thinner run (not necessary for approval) if you ask him. Nothing is good to go out of box per say. On that DL-19 you'll want to pay extra for the charging handle greeblies. You have done a great service by deciding to go dirty! If you need anything hit us up or shoot me a PM. Troopers helping troopers!

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Airborne Tooper, thanks for the info. I ended up with a set of Joe's handguards, and just ordered a second set as I've changed plans, and now intend to do the Road Block captain.

One question is, what is more accurate: a white or off-white canvas belt? Does it matter?

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Hi CHris,

a White weathered canvas belt is more accurate.



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