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Berkal and Johno's mkI ultra-realistic 3D printed T21 build

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So the blaster appeared at Fantasy Basel this weekend. Trooping was totally fine as you'd expect for a 3kg build. I alternated between my E-11 and the T-21 all afternoon:


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And you know what makes a T-21 look **** good? A freakin' TIE Fighter, that's what!...


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Of late there has been a lot of interest in the T21 blaster, not least because if its recent appearance in the new Rogue One teaser trailer and for my part, for the past several weeks, if not months, I have been trying to design and build the most realistic and detailed T-21 blaster possible. Using my background as an architect and designer the end goal has been to arrive at the very next level in accuracy for our Sand Troopers. I have previously designed 3D parts for friends including a Dredd Lawgiver.

Based on reference photos (thanks alsol to Machine for his excellent collection), blueprints, technical manuals, as well direct measurements from a real Lewis I have painstakingly recreated the details of the gun as a 3D CAD model from which a kit of prototype parts has been 3D printed from PLA plastic.

This has not been a short process. This has been a tale of trial and error; of research and diligence, designing and redesigning each individual part sometimes several times in order to best represent the real deal with as few compromises as possible made whilst at the same time designing to facilitate the limitations of the materials and the 3D printing technology. And we are still not quite there I think.

Each part is, I would like to say, currently around 95% accurate in terms of dimensions and details and an ongoing work in progress likely taking a few iterations to get it to the 99% level of accuracy I would like it to be.

This has been a project with my buddy Johno who has been carrying out the initial base build of the mkI T21 Lewis and I thought I would share our progress to date for your enjoyment.

Here we go:

It starts with around 40 individual component parts…


Detail of receiver section…


Dry fit of the main sections: receiver and barrel built around 20mm aluminium tubing…


Stock mkII: wood grain detail and prototype wood filament print…


Blaster fitted, assembled, bonded, and primed…


Some detail of top of receiver...


Various other details…






The overall weight of the blaster is a svelte and very troopable 2kg.

The next build version will feature a smoother barrel without the visible faceting, and will be able to be disassembled for travel/storage.

We are also developing a version which will feature a working bolt and cartridge feed action.

I want to again thank Johno for assisting with the build. We have come a long way in a short time.

​More as it progresses...


I'm From chile, very far far away from u... any posibility to share the 3d files or sale to me please.

Thanks... your t21 is amazing

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The working sight prototype is more or less resolved now. The images below are the parts just dry fit together, pretty much raw off the printer. Minor clean up only. Will need to add some TLC later :





Adjustable aiming reticle :


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