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Found 5 results

  1. Design is complete for the Rogue One Santrooper Jedha Backpack. Below are the 3D parts that will be printed. The Thermal Detonators on the side and rack holding them will also be printed. Not seen in this picture. All of the other pieces will be hand built. As you can see from the reference photos, this pack has the Sandtrooper Pack bend in it. I am going to attempt to meld these 2 main pieces together in order to maintain accuracy. The fabrication of all of the pieces has begun and progress will be posted here. Reference Photos: 3D Renderings:
  2. As many of you may already know, Walt (Walt's Trooper Factory) is going to be auctioning off a full Sandtrooper Ensemble. This includes a pack. Crookknight's Imperial Trooper Packs will be donating a pack to this great cause. I will also be building my very own pack at the same time. I am doing this thread so newcomer's can see one way the packs are built (as there are many) with today's technology. I will be using parts from different vendors for this build (I will mention them shortly) and also 3D printed parts. STAY TUNED.
  3. I've decided to go swat but there's problems. My buddy is the Move Along trooper and I want to be the black pauldron to his left. The problem is no one seems to make all the parts I don't think to that pack. Of they do I can't find them. This is a list I sent to Crashmann to get a quote on parts. I have a few parts and I'll moist likely find and bold more myself. I'll update this as a build page I think. Have: -Crashmann frame. (from a set he sold to my friend Chris.) -Mortar control panel, end caps, vac formed pitcher lid, and black ABS tube (2" electrical conduit from work) -Left side laboratory pipe (3/4" PVC electrical conduit) Need: -Stinger (plastic mounting bracket, vacuum formed canteen, but there's no tube I don't think) -Sonix Victory 75 Radio - Upper left toolbox (which I believe is on the right here) -Cistern valve (zip ties, mushroom cap, and but no white bottle) -Cistern (Gords most likely) -Main boxes (seed trays) -metal strips for frame. -shoulder straps Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think I need: -Capacitors -Exhaust port -Mushroom cap with white bottle Now my problem is the other parts. The top left has a box of some sort and the middle top has some sort of bottle. Any ideas on those? Any help is appreciated. Just what you know about this pack or ideas on things to build would be awesome. Hopefully someone has built it before and I just can't find it. Thanks everyone
  4. Just received permission from Ian to share his Facebook page, Sandie Comms. Ian is currently offering the most accurately and proportionate sized radio for those with Karrimor frame pack builds.
  5. Using one of P3laton3 Canteens to make the bee stinger for the pack can be done several ways. This is the method that I decided to use. The Gio style canteen has a texture that we are unsure of was present in the movie or not. To be safe and after reviewing a few other builds, I decided to remove as much texture as possible. The first step is to remove the straps then use a flat head screwdriver or any shimming device to pop off the grey tops and bottoms. This is fairly easy to do just take your time. Next, you'll want to use a hacksaw or dremel to cut off the spout or opening of the canteen as flush to the top as you can. Using the cap as a template, trace an outline and use a sanding drum to hallow out the center. You can also sand the cap's ridges off to make it more circular. The cap will need to be able to sit in this opening and will house the hose. The next step will be sanding the top/bottom pieces and body of the canteen down. Alternatively, you could using filler and smooth it out. On these canteens there is a channel for the straps along the side. Using spare ABS a little less than 2mm wide and just long enough to go past the edges are used. I rounded off the edges using the sanding drum and heated them up in boiling water. This allowed me to bend the ends to contour the original shape as much as possible. I drilled a 3/4" hole on the cap to fit my hose into and glued the cap to the inside of the top plastic piece of the canteen. I painted the top/bottom and hose a satin black and the body with Rust-oleum satin slate blue then assembled the components. Make sure your cap fits into the opening snug and allows the top plastic piece sit flush how it is suppose to be. My paint job is no where near perfect but I believe it gets the job done. Any slight imperfections can be easily covered with weathering. I can adjust the length of the hosing by inserting more of the hose inside the canteen.