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  1. 4. Troop - 07.05.2022 May the 4th Troop Outpost One in (Germany).
  2. 3. Troop - 20.08.2021 Wedding in Ahrensbök (Germany) (1. from the left)
  3. I'm speechless, wow thank you so much. very happy, what a day
  4. ok, time for round 2 the light was not so good today and my Armor looks a bit darker than it really is. so I hope it is not a big problem and as before : for full resolution click on the picture !!! first the changes on the backpack I move up the radio about 2cm and add the tapes on the box and on the lower seed tray I add a new endocarp on the mortal tube I add some creases to the pouldron and here the new weathering on the chest, she and thigh (add weathering to the tapes) the belt from the Backpack on the left side and here are new pictures in Armor from side with left boot up new pose I hope all changes are good. greetings from Germany
  5. hi Urs, thank you for the second review. for all pictures, please click on it for full high resolution ! there are some question about the boots: the boot makes a crease. i can add the 2 little spots to the boots next is the Backpack: i See no gaffer tape or something on the box but there is a little gaffer tape on the lower seed tray, so I will add it last point: the belt on the left pouch. I see it so, the belt is from the backpack, when you look the movie you can see it. here is a picture. Helmet Update: lower left ear screw greetings Björn
  6. hi and thank you for the review. the "Duct tape" is not due tape, it is the belt from the frame. see here okay, I need to order a new cap for the tube and I will make the changes. thank you
  7. Name: Björn Dapper Legion ID: 82112 Forum Name: Doubledx Garrison: German Garrison deployed Police Officer: yes Backpack #2 E-11 Bapty blaster and here we go. first the normal pictures Armor: thighs and shins: Boots: Pouches, Gloves and Pauldron: and the Neckseal: Helmet: Lense, and etc. E-11 bapty blaster: and the Backpack #2 here the new pics for reference: compare with the movie reference only reference: greetings from Germany Björn
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