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  1. nice but the Pack#2 is wrong here is pack 2 greetings from germany
  2. Hi Marv, I used Rit Dyemore synthetic graphite as instructed and it works perfectly.
  3. Hi Stewart, thank you, I hope I can help a little bit and I'm very interested to see your Backpack. most parts are from RWA (UK) and some are made by myself. If you have some questions then ask. and by the way it is my first backpack and my first time to built a TD greetings from Germany
  4. Thank you Urs, I'm very happy with the result, it was a lot of work to find all these details but I think I found and build it so good as I can greetings
  5. Hi, I'm very happy to announce that I'm done with the backpack #2 just the weathering is missing but I will make it later...... and here we go. . . . . the Back the right side the left side the Greebie on the upper tray' and here the Original after checking the other backpacks. I changed my round plate behind the dish. I bought a 5" rubber backer pad, it was used on the other packs and it makes sense to me, that they use it here again. I check the reference again and I think this backpack has a 2. red support behind the upper tray, but it totally paint black It looks like there is something on the frame, so I added a 2. support stripe to my pack. and the last thing was the hose case. I filled up 2 of the holes and add 2 caps of the other 2 screws. greetings from Germany Björn
  6. hi, back again so here are the test fitting..... and here you can see, the kidney is overlapping around 15mm on each side. please help me, can't walk or lift the legs good enough and I didn't wear my boots. when I wear my boots, the Shins moving up and then I can not move the leg. greetings
  7. here are the pics from the right forearm and bicep greetings Björn
  8. oh yes, sorry. the right forearm and the right bicep are done. pics later this day
  9. ok like this, there is enough space overall thank you Paul for the help
  10. some updates: little update on the Mortaltube, i trimmed the greebie a bit on top and on the bottom you see it here and changed the dish and add the hole you see it here: and my Radio, it was a lot of work and the buttons are 3D printed I must add the silver greebie on top edge and then I'm done with the Radio greetings
  11. good morning, ahhhh ok lets start forearm: and this is now my cutting line the top is around 165mm and the inner around 130 - 132mm I think I understand it. . . . greetings
  12. Hi Guys, I need some help with the armor here my problem: forarm I cut both to 7,5mm for the 15mm cover no trimming on the other side and this is my problem right now, my arm fits perfectly into it, but I think this is not correct. same problem with the bicep it fits very good so can anyone help me please ? greetings
  13. Hi, here s a little update: next was the build from the little pipe on the left. I designed a top greeblie and print it out, after glued on a 32mm pipe, sanding and painting attached to the pack. Next was the greeblie for the Gio Style bottle, here the same, I made a 3d model and print it. Sanding and painting, attached to the bottle and mount the Bottle to the Pack. I sanded the box for the hose and fill some gaps with modelling clay. Sanded all and paint it. Put all parts together and this is what it looks right now. you see I add round piece behind the hose box. see this picture I waiting for the new radish (transparency) and I must add the greebie on the tray. Radio: Trimming the faceplate building the case for the radio filler and sanding and this it how it looks at the moment greetings
  14. good morning everyone, I think I'm done with my Bapty. . . . I hope you like it and it was very cool to build it, a big THANK YOU to Urs and Thomas for there help. greetings from Germany Björn
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