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  1. @Sn4k3, using fullers earth powder and hairspray.
  2. There seem to be two main groups when it comes to weathering. There’s the people who use fuller’s earth and then there’s the paint and clean off brigade. I don’t want a bunch if ”this way is right” answers but what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two?
  3. How did you attach the straps? Glue? Note: I haven’t opened the straps yet (the king of losing things) so it might be totally obvious once I’ve done that.
  4. Yes, I got the strapping kit from you. Just seeing how people actually attached things and if there are alternatives
  5. Next question. What’s the best way to attach the bells, upper arms, thigh pieces etc? Buttons on some form of material strap, velcro, glued material straps? Thx
  6. I’m building a Troopermaster kit and I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of stupid questions. Maybe others will find some of the answers useful too... These are in no special order, just as they come to me while watching tutorials and/or when I’m actually building So, here we go with question one. There are a bunch of snaps, rivets etc that end up visible (on the helmet ears, under the codpiece, the sides of the torso pieces and son on). Do all of them get painted white in the end or are some left the way they are or even painted some other colour? And should the white be gloss or matt? Thx Andrew
  7. Thanks Unfortunately the images in the first post are no longer available And the LookSirDroids.com site is dead
  8. Can someone help me with a few measurements: 1. The length of the tube hanging on the right hand side of some of the backpacks 2. Dimensions of the 3-line trays 3. Dimensions of the 5-line trays 4. Dimensions of the Sonix radio box Is there a description somewhere of each of the pack types? Thx
  9. Hi folks, I've got a pair of Kylo Ren boots from Imperial Boots. I'm super happy with them so I figured that I'd just go with them again for my upcoming sandie. But their shop is currently closed and money is burning a hole in my pocket. Are there any boot suppliers that are better than IB or shall I just try to be patient and wait for IB to reopen in Jan? Thx AW
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