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  1. Hi there, Trooper. Sorry to see you’ve had no responses. Compared with FISD (for Stormtroopers), MEPD is sometimes a little quieter. Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of Stormtroopers and sandtroopers. RS make a nice kit. Are you doing a complete self build or getting a commission build? Are you 100% decided on RS? For inspiration, check out previous work in progress (WIP) threads for tips and tricks. Screen used reference material is your best friend as you can’t get more accurate than screen used. Best of luck with your journey, Dan / CableGuy
  2. Yes. Lovely work on that. Great job. :-)
  3. Top job, Darren. One of my favourite TD builds of late. :-)
  4. Welcome aboard. Lovely work on the paint so far, especially the traps, tears and frown. If you’re going for the higher levels of accuracy, you might want to consider tweaking the tube stripes a little. Ideally, they should be around a pencil width from the cheeks. Your right cheek especially looks a little further than that from the pics. Also, are they done using different templates? The right side stripes appear to be spaced closer to each other than the left. Here’s some handy reference pics. :-) Ref Best wishes Dan
  5. Another photo frame required!! Amazing work, Daniel. You’re going to be catching up with Glen/Q soon. ;-)
  6. Wow! Very impressive!! Great detailing.
  7. Hiya, Many thanks. Yes, I prefer the natural look, personally. The style of the move along trooper is what I had in mind. Once I saw this method I couldn’t think of a better way to make it dirty than throwing actual dirt at it! Lol And yes - hosing it down was an experience that I thought I’d never have. Glad it turned out okay in the end. Thanks again for your feedback. :-)
  8. Hi everyone. So, around 1 year ago (June 2017) I started a project to revive my 12 year old Shepperton Design Studios Stunt lid. The years has taken their toll on my once beloved TK lid so I did my research, ended up finding the videos of TK4510/ Mike / Trooperbay and decided to strip down, spray and hand paint my old lid. Well, this REALLY got me interested in Stormtroopers again and, thanks to doing plenty of research on FISD on how to respray my lid, got me hooked on the whole armour idea. Right, back to the subject at hand.... I came across Mike’s videos again on YouTube, one of which was weathering a Sandie helmet. Based upon this I ordered some Fullers Earth and a Revell weathering set. Following Mike’s excellent video, essentially the process is done with hairspray > earth flicked on with paintbrush > brush off excess earth > repeat. This, mixed with brush dabbing, sponge dabbing, sandpaper in places etc hopefully leading to a realistic, dirty/used look. Firstly, I started by painting over the vertical black stripes in the traps and tears, then improving the frown paint by extending it beyond the un-drilled 5th hole. I also took the opportunity to raise the brow. As this isn’t my trooping lid, I simply cut an additional upward curve in the cap. Time to throw some dirt at this thing!! After fogging the front of the lid with hairspray, I started to flick Fullers Earth at the lid to give a general covering. After letting the hairspray dry for a bit, it was then time to brush of the loose earth. Essentially, the process is then repeated and repeated, mixing in different shades of earth at different times, and focusing in areas where dirt would naturally build up over time. Next round: Now, at this stage I decided to do another round of hairspray and darker earth, then attempted some wet sponge dabbing..... I went a bit heavy!!! Well - as it was heavier than I had planned, and my first attempt, I decided to have another go. I took the lid out to the garden and literally washed off all of the weathering with the hose! I started the process again and was a lot more careful with damp paper towels his time. Here’s some picture from along the way. And now for the finished lid. Overall, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I set out to make a naturally dirty looking sandie, hence using Fullers Earth and weathering powder, to get a textured look, and am pleased with the results. Hopefully to photos do it justice. Enough from me - thanks for reading. Dan :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi all, I’m a visiting TK from the shiny world of the FISD. Inevitably, I’ll be going dirty at some stage, so I thought I’d sign up and start watching some build threads and doing some research. I’m a proud UKG member and Imperial Attache over at FISD, so I love the finer details and accuracy of both armour and blasters. Looking forward to learning more about TDs and making a few new contacts. Best wishes, Dan
  10. Daniel Branton, TK42911, kindly requesting 501st access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26608 Kind regards, Dan
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