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  1. Duden15

    Happy new year troops!

    Happy new year to all of you!
  2. Duden15

    Question about screws

    Do you mean the screws for the bodystrapping? If so you can look in any of the PO builds, there are pictures of the strapping.
  3. Duden15

    TD 28216 "Duden15" Tours of Duty

    3. 29.09.2018 Fiktion trifft Realität 2018 Speyer
  4. Looks really nice. You have done a great Job.
  5. Duden15

    Dudens15 T-21 Build

    Finished the parts today, need to get it dirty. I'm quite happy how the endresult turned out, although there is always room for improvment. I'm exited for the first troop with it, it is so heavy. Many thanks to Roger, Urs and all other troopers helping me.
  6. Duden15

    Dudens15 T-21 Build

    Thanks for the answers. Your T-21 in on a different level of detail BountyHunter, I'm not able to reach that. Here is the barrel, still missing the blue wire Still not sure what to do with the transition at the receiver housing and the buttstock. Just sanded and painted like the rest of the buttstock.
  7. Duden15

    Move Along Helmet

    Looks really good, time to get it dirty
  8. It is about time know that I start this. 1. 24.06.2018 Local Football game 2. 01.07.2018 Comic Con Stuttgart
  9. Duden15

    Dudens15 T-21 Build

    Thanks, well seems picload had an usless update... Here we go again I'm missing the circels on the stock and I messed up the transition of the wooden stock an the black part (missing the word). Might sand the paint away and finish it like the rest of the stock. Decided to use fuelhose on the barrel. I'm a bit coufused, does the greeblie I'm holding belong there or not? I know one goes on top of the barrel but I'm not sure with the bottom one. There are so many different version here and it's hard to tell from the screencaps.
  10. Duden15

    Dudens15 T-21 Build

    Finally some progress! Finished the stock and painted it. The barrel still needs a bit of work.
  11. Duden15

    Dudens15 T-21 Build

    After approval and finishing my Bapty E-11 I'm back at the T-21. Just added some of the resin parts to the stock. The cleaning brush housing is installed and I glued some magnets to the sight to hold it in position.
  12. Duden15

    Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    Thank you guys, I'm more than happy
  13. Duden15

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Paul TD-28216 Requesting Sandtrooper access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28259 Thanks