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  1. Congratulations!
  2. Dudens15 T-21 Build

    After approval and finishing my Bapty E-11 I'm back at the T-21. Just added some of the resin parts to the stock. The cleaning brush housing is installed and I glued some magnets to the sight to hold it in position.
  3. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    Thank you guys, I'm more than happy
  4. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Paul TD-28216 Requesting Sandtrooper access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28259 Thanks
  5. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    It‘s offical now, TD-28216 reporting for duty. Thanks for the much help.
  6. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    Just a qiuck update, the approval photos are send and I'm waiting for feedback The next steps will be the T-21 and the E-11 Bapty and I although need to start working on my old backpack.
  7. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    Took me a while but I'm finally finished with the weathering, here are some pictures. Looks a bit light on the pictures, but it's darker in real. I added a bit more details on the ab. I although removed the white line under the eyebrow you can see in the picture above.
  8. Dudens15 T-21 Build

    Thanks to @spOOL68 the T-21 kit finally arrived. He did send me a new one since the first is stuck in brazil. The emperor might know why. When I finished the weathering of the armor the T-21 will be the next stepp.
  9. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    The ears arrived and I can finish the helmet now. Testfit is done. I'll lower the forearm and the biceps a bit more to close the gap to the gloves. Did a first weathering approach, only burnt umber. I'll possibly ad some darker colour and a final wash.
  10. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    As expected the pauldron (Trooper1) arrived today. Looks great, I'll make a test fit of all parts in the evening. So now only the ears are missing.
  11. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    My neck seal from Darman arrived today, so hopfully my pauldron shoud arrive the next days. Still waiting for the ears . The neck seal fits perfectly and is very comfortable.
  12. First TD Build

  13. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    Thanks again for the answer Hausi. Not much progress over the Weekend. Almost finished the Helmet, still missing the ears from RS. I although changed the strapping of the forearms, it's is now seperatable from the biceps.
  14. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    @Hausi Thanks @GilFran007Thanks for mentioning, I already know about that. I don't think thats an issue, it's just to hold the belt in place and can't bee seen if the belt is attached. The belt came with attached snaps and I did't changed the location. The hole you can see on the belt, was one of the snaps I palced. It was in the wrong spot so I hade to change it. Please correct me if I'm wrong but as I see it, it is like the strapping on the armor the outside must be screen accurate but the inside doesn't matter. If thats an issue, than I can eassily fix it with abs sludge.
  15. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    Just a little update, started painting the helmet. Still missing some parts from RS, they should be on the way. Painted the screws. Raised the abdominal part. Befor: Now: The pauldron and the necksael were both shipped yesterday, can't wait for them to arrive. This wasn't planed, but I found the parts in the hardware store. So I though why not. I just need to finish the helmet and the weathering, than I should be good to go for basic approval.