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  1. My Magmatrooper Build/Finished build

    ok, i have contacted the guys at UKG as to what will happen so should know soon what to do
  2. My Magmatrooper Build/Finished build

    ah, saw a post on the group FB page so thought it was all sorted
  3. My Magmatrooper Build/Finished build

    Thank you and Do i need to do anything else to get this done? new to all this and not sure what to do
  4. Hello all, This has been a long time waiting for this to happen but it is finally here!! I got my BBB back in August 2016 and i am still doing little tweaks to my trooper. So here are some pictures of the build process and hopefully i can get approved soon May 2017 September 2017 November 2017 Thanks to Shawn for building this pack, the one in the picture is his first ever one that i commissioned with him I am still working on my trooper trying to make it Level 3 clearance with the guys over at UKG.
  5. CRL is officially approved!

    Great stuff guys! i can remember when i started to get this thing kick started! Been running around all over the place, SpecOps then FISD and finally here. Now it is the home of the Magmatrooper. I remember when i asked Shawn about making the pack for me and the CRL is now done! i cannot believe it is here and i would love to be the first official if that is ok as Shawn said he would make sure of it
  6. Hi guys! hopefully it will be approved i am working on my kit and trying to go for Level 3 clearance with UKG, all i need to do is get bubble lenses (on the way), new belt, white rubber strips around the armour and ROTJ decals as the GML said my kit can easily be modded to a ROTJ this way
  7. Here are some more pictures to go by that i just took from the game, there is a touch of green but not that noticable. to me its like a gun metal colour.
  8. think that might be the dusting effect causing that as in some other pictures it is grey like a mild / lightish metal grey
  9. This is the best i have im afraid. i was expecting them to turn out better. https://imgur.com/X8v2xOF https://imgur.com/Nf7oYiT
  10. Here are some new pictures of the full kit.
  11. The pack is grey, it may look green but that must have been lighting but is 100% grey in the game
  12. Just done the troop, will have the pictures in a day or so
  13. Best i can do is Monday and i have the full kit now
  14. im going on a troop this Monday, i have finally got all the pieces for the kit and i will get photos done and will send them aswell, if they are still not high quality then Crookknight will sort pictures out and because its a hospital visit they will most likely have a plain background, as where i live it is very rural and very cluttered.