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  1. Here are some more pictures to go by that i just took from the game, there is a touch of green but not that noticable. to me its like a gun metal colour.
  2. think that might be the dusting effect causing that as in some other pictures it is grey like a mild / lightish metal grey
  3. This is the best i have im afraid. i was expecting them to turn out better.
  4. Here are some new pictures of the full kit.
  5. The pack is grey, it may look green but that must have been lighting but is 100% grey in the game
  6. Just done the troop, will have the pictures in a day or so
  7. Best i can do is Monday and i have the full kit now
  8. im going on a troop this Monday, i have finally got all the pieces for the kit and i will get photos done and will send them aswell, if they are still not high quality then Crookknight will sort pictures out and because its a hospital visit they will most likely have a plain background, as where i live it is very rural and very cluttered.
  9. Got my dlt the other day, looks amazing on my trooper some reason photos cant be uploaded via my phone
  10. i dont think i can get any other pictures at the moment, as there is hardly anything plain to do it with around me. If CrookKnight does some that would be good but i can possibly get some on the 9th October as i am doing a hospital troop and they will most likely have a good background
  11. it can be yes, at the moment i just have mine clip round the solid bit and looks like it is attached to the helmet I am waiting for some more magnets to arrive to secure it
  12. yes there is a clip on the solid piece of the hose here is a side picture of it
  13. awesome work on the CRL, the long wait is almost over
  14. I like the sound of TD, but how about another prefix? I heard someone use Hostile Environment Specialist which sounds pretty snazzy and could be shortened to HES?
  15. awesome news! I am here if you need me i cant wait to become an official Magma Trooper!!!