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  1. Lol. Im just promoting the new guy for MEPD. Whats wrong with that? Never expected to get noticed. Maybe next time you'll also get featured
  2. Managed to be included in the front page pf the papers yesterday during the Star Wars Reads Event here in Manila Philippines. Now I need to work on that temporary weathering and repainting of the pack.
  3. Sorry sir. And thank for correcting me. I mean photos taken when I was playing and not screen grabs.
  4. Sorry guys. There are some of the screencaps from the diorama of the game for the color reference of the pack. Maybe need to also check on the proportion of the pack as well. Cheers!
  5. Thanks sir! Found the video during my troop at AsiaPop Comic Con. Here's the link:
  6. I'll also share some of my photos this coming Star Wars Reads. Excited for this CRL to get approved!
  7. Hi guys! Proud to share my scratched built Sullust Magma Trooper Pack! I wore this during the Asiapop Comic Con here in the Philippines. Still clean version.
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